10 February 2013

sabo skirt gold statement watch

sabo skirt - gold statment watch - £40 (including p&p)

I have been wanting a gold watch for a while, and I really wanted a Michael Kors one but since everyone and their granny seems to have one now I thought I'd just wait to find a different one, though I still lust over Michael Kors watches I might end up jumping on the band wagon and getting one. I spotted this watch on Sabo Skirt and immediately fell in love with it, I thought it would make a perfect 'filler' watch, my old watch is silver and with the majority of the jewellery I wear being gold it looked strange, so I really needed this (at least thats what I tell myself). Its clearly quite a flimsy material and its coated with a very yellowy gold colour, but that doesn't bother me too much as it was only a fraction of the price of MK watches. When it arrived there were loads of links in it and it could fit on both of my wrists at the same time, so I had to get a lot of links took out. The first place I took it to couldn't remove the links because they're a strange kind of fastening, and I thought I would have to return it but luckily the second place did it and it fits perfectly. I love the way it looks on my wrist and it looks so much better with the jewellery I wear.

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  1. love the watch! its attention grabbing but isn't overboard! xx Rena




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