19 March 2013

diy; cut out elbow patches

I have seen in a few shops, t-shirts with unusual cut outs in them, Steph from The Fashion Citizen was wearing one in her latest video and I thought it looked so cool and shows skin in an unexpected place! I loved this one from asos especially, but unfortunately its sold out, so I thought I would make my own and show you how to too.

1; Try your t-shirt on and mark with chalk or a pencil where your elbows are.
2; Measure across the width of the sleeve and how ever long it is half it, e.g mine was 10cm wide so I halved to 5, this will let you know how big to make your template.
3; Cut out your template, mine was 5cm on each side, I went for a square shape and turned it on its side to create a diamond cut out on the elbow and draw around it.
4; Neatly cut out the shape on your t-shirt.
5; You should be left with a hole in the sleeve of your shirt, try it on again and you're done.

Tip; this works best on a thick t-shirt as it is less likely to fray and stretch the hole you cut, if you're super sewing savvy you could make a seam around the edge to stop this happening.

12 March 2013

where have i been?

Oh my goodness, I said I wouldn't leave weeks between posts but I have... again and I'm sorry. I have been so uninspired to post recently and I have no idea of what to post! Its so annoying because it happens quite often! But this morning I was working on blog post plans to try and get motivated and inspired, I want to be posting at least 4 times a week! So to ease myself into blogging again heres a generic instagram post. I have changed my instagram in the past few weeks and made it 'themed' so I put the same filter on every photo and I much prefer it, I didn't like when my instagram was miss matched, so this soothes my perfectionist side. If you don't follow me on instagram you can here.

I might even start youtube up again to try and 're-light my blogging fire' so if you have any suggestions or requests of posts or videos please help me out and leave them in the comments below. Thank you for sticking with me and for getting me to 600 followers woo! 

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