11 April 2013

sinful colors nail varnish; 24/7

Boots are now stocking Sinful Colors nail polish, at first I wasn't to fussed on them as I didn't really know much about the brand, and to be honest since they were only £1.99 I didn't thing they were going to be any good. It turns out the £1.99 price tag is just a trial price and they will be going up soon. As soon as I saw this colour I thought of China Glaze's 'pool party' which came out years ago when you couldn't get a hold of any american products in the UK. I am so glad I gave Sinful Colors a chance because the formula is amazing, its very thick and opaque you only need 2 coats to get a good bright colour. The brush is a good size and it doesn't chip very easily which I find is always the deal breaker for me. A neon pink nail varnish is what I've been looking for, for absolutely ages and I have finally found an extremely bright one that looks amazing on the nails it makes a big statement especially on 'claw' nails (I'm growing mine out like this). 

Have you tried Sinful Colors yet? Are there any other make up brands that you've given a chance and were pleasantly surprised with their result?


  1. I loved the blog, it is very beautiful. I'll always be here (:


  2. Gorgeous colour! I do love a bit of pink :)


  3. Such a pretty colour, I picked up a few Sinful Colours polishes from America last year they are surprisingly good quality considering how inexpensive they are :-)

  4. oh gosh, that is a really lovely vibrant colour! xx



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