21 April 2013

summer wine

jumper - h&m
joni jeans - topshop
socks - topshop
shoes - converse
watch - sabo skirt
necklace - h&m
sunglasses - rayban

I havent done an outfit post in ages as for the past few months my style has been horrific, all I would wear were casual clothes, one time I even left the house in Jack Wills sweatpants and that is like the lowest of the low for me. Most of the time not putting make up on either, I don't know why but I was like "I've got no one to impress so I don't care if I leave the house with greasy hair and no make up". But I think I'm finally getting out of that stage as yesterday the sun was shining and it made me really excited to start trying to dress like a girl again.

I have had my eye on this purple jumper for quite a while now and finally got round to buying it yesterday, now I think its going to be all I wear for the next 3 months. Its so soft and comfy and really vibrant and bright, it cheers me up just looking at it. I am wearing my Joni jeans from Topshop as they are my new favourite pants, they are high waisted and super stretchy, the go with anything. I love wearing these frilly Topshop socks with every outfit, I think I have became quite a sock snob now as the only ones I will wear are from Topshop.


  1. Gorgeous jumper, the colour really suits you, love the socks too so cute :)

  2. Love the colour of the jumper! Looks so great on you, and the chain necklace is really cute too.


  3. I found your blog through Kate's Wardrobe and just started following you :) And oh my goodness your blog is literally PERF! Also these socks are the cutest thing!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥



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