2 April 2013

there's always tomorrow

"for goodness sake mummy post a real blog post already!"

Oh here I am again, with another 'filler' post. If someone would just kick me up the backside and make me get a move on blogging wise, that would be greatly appreciated. I hate this feeling of not knowing what at all to post, even though I have loads of ideas I can just never bring my self to take photos and write about products. Its so annoying because I miss blogging so so much, I feel like I've been on this blogging rut since last August, I think ever since then my blog has gone downhill. I keep putting it off and using the excuse of "there's always tomorrow". I could type away whining and moaning about the lack of sun light etc but you've heard it all before from me, so I will spear you the rant.

I have finally made another youtube account with the correct username to match my now changed blog name. Heres my new channel so get subscribing, hopefully I will have a video up soon! (I wouldn't hold your breath).

To try and lighten the mood of this post, above is a photo of my baby bunny Salt, if those of you with out twitter or instagram you probably didn't know that I got yet another bunny at the end of January. He is such a devil but equally as cute. He is almost fully bonded with Pepper and they hopefully will be friends forever. I have been bonding Poppy and Peaches again and they are getting along great, you can see loads of HD photos of them on my bunny instagram account here.



  1. That is so cute how you named your bunnies salt & pepper tehee

  2. He's so cute, everybody goes through blogging ruts don't worry about it :)

  3. Omg your bunny is such a cutie!!



  4. Hii,
    I'm quite a new follower but so far I love your blog, especially the bunny pics >.<
    Because of this I've 'nominated' you for the Liebster Blog Award which is a way for boggers to find one another and share hidden gems of content! You can find my post all about it h e r e and see which blogs inculding yours I've chosen to recommend ♥

    If you've received this recommendation before, then I'm sorry!(Although it just means your site is loved!) If you do fancy participating in the Liebster award I'd love to read your answers to my questions whether as a post or a comment.

    Happy blogging. x

    P a n d a P o p
    B l o g L o v i n '

    Siobhan xo



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