3 April 2013

topshop 'awol' nail polish

topshop nails - awol, rimmel london - matte finish top coat

As soon as I saw this colour in the Topshop nail varnish stand I knew I had to have it, I had never seen a nail varnish as bright blue as this one before. Ever since buying it I have fell in love with the Topshop nail varnishes (like I need anymore) but I cant control my self and have bought quite a few other colours, this is my favourite of them all though. I love the formula of Topshop nail varnishes, they are really creamy and opaque, which I didn't expect considering that its from a clothing shop, I can be quite sceptical about things that have come from a clothing brand, like they're not going to be good, but I had heard so many people say good things about their make up line that I thought I may as well give it a go. I get compliments on it when ever I have it on and especially with the Rimmel London matte top coat over the top it looks incredible. I have never liked the look of matte nail colours but this combination is perfect! The matte coat makes your nails really really matte, no shine at all, it works wonders. I even tested it over a shine enhancing top coat and it still did a brilliant job at making my nails matte. The only problem I have with it is that after a few days it kind of starts to rub off, like the shine of the nail polish underneath will start to come through at the tips of your nails. It doesn't chip much its just the shine that seems to come through a bit but this is easily fixed with another coat.


  1. This is a gorgeous combination! I've got AWOL and a few others from Topshop but have sort of forgotten about them but this has made me want to pull them out! The Rimmel looks like a really good matte top coat too so I need to get my hands on that!
    rebecca-louise; autumnleaves-x.blogspot.co.uk

  2. that blue is such a pretty color!! especially since it's matte


  3. I was wearing exactly the same combination the other day! Love the colour. I can't stop using my rimmel matte top coat at the mo! It really is good :)



  4. Nice nailpolish. I follow you now, follow you back? Xoxo

  5. so gorgeous! tempted to buy that - topshop nail polishes are always so lovely!


  6. This is such a pretty colour, I really want a shade like this but don't want to pay nails inc prices! Looks great with the matte coat as well :) xo




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