9 April 2013

tutorial; how i fill in my eyebrows

Ever since two years ago I never did anything with my eyebrows as the thought of tweezing them terrified me, but since reading beauty blogs and watching youtube tutorials I've finally figured out a way to fill them in which looks good. With out sounding vain, I quiet like my eyebrows, I get a lot of compliments on them and I think they suit my face shape well. I get my eyebrows tinted and waxed at a Benefit Brow Bar, they have them all over the country now and I defiantly would recommend going to them if you're unsure about how to do your brows as they will get them looking their best. I get them done about every two months, I try to stretch out appointments for as long as I can so that my eyebrows have time to grow out fully again before their next shaping. The reason I do this is so that they don't loose their natural shape and thickness. Also to be quite honest I don't really mind the 'undone' brows look so in between waxes isn't too much of a pain.

1. I leave all the shaping to the professionals, I only tweeze about two or three hairs on my brow bone right under the arch, as to be honest it hurts too much to tweeze every stray hair.

2. First I brush some of the No7 Lash and Brow Protector through my brows and brush the hairs upwards, I brush the hairs upwards as I feel it makes them look thicker and less 'neat'.

3. I then take the tinted wax from my Benefit Brow Zings kit and draw an outline around my eye brows, this helps them look neater and more defined.

4. I then take a little bit more wax and fill my whole eyebrow in with the wax.

5. With the same Real Techniques brow brush I take the powder from my Benefit brow kit and set the wax in place, this also adds more colour to my eyebrows. 

6. Lastly I will brush out my eyebrows as the powder can make them stick to my skin a bit and make them look a bit too fake, I just lightly brush them back and forth to keep them looking slightly more real.

7. To maintain my eyebrows thickness, when ever I have a few hours to spare I will put on some castor oil as this helps thicken the hairs and help get rid of bald patches by encouraging hair to grow.


  1. I love your eyebrows soph! I had the browzings but I dropped it and it died :( but I have been enjoying my topshop brow pencil for a more natural finish!xxxx

  2. Serious eyebrow envy. I've been wanting to give Castor Oil a try for a while so I've just ordered a small bottle. I love Brow Zings, I use Brows A Go Go and couldn't go a day without it!


  3. Love your eyebrows, I really need to get mine done, they are shocking haha :)

  4. Great tutorial, and I love the products you're using!

    Much love,
    Jennifer x


  5. Gosh I love your brows xx

  6. Your eyebrows are amazing, do you mind me asking where you get the castor oil from and what brand it is?



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