5 July 2013

easy summer beachy hair

My usual go to hair style is just poker straight hair because it is super easy and I only have to straighten my hair once every wash, but recently I have been getting bored of it and thinking it looks just too plain so I tried my sea salt spray in my hair for the first time in ages and I love the way it looks! I used to only use my sea salt spray on my natural waves but I love what it does to my straight hair. Spraying a little bit through the ends of your hair gives it a really cool messy texture, your hair is still straight but it looks a lot less flat. This look is a really good way to disguise dirty hair, spray a bit of dry shampoo in your roots to get rid of any oiliness and give an extra bit of volume and then spray the sea salt spray in the ends. It is perfect for summer when its hot and you cant be bothered to do much with your hair, but you still want to wear it down and as curls probably would fall out easily in the heat. 


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  1. Love it ♥ You have beautiful hair ♥



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