11 July 2013

cruelty free kisses / how to get kissable lips

On Saturday the 6th of July Lush attempted to break the world record of the most lip prints collected in 12 hours in celebration of international kissing day. All the kisses had to be cruelty free as all kisses should be!

In order to get your lips kissable you will need a lip scrub, lip balm and an emotional brilliance lip tint. 

To exfoliate my lips I use the Popcorn lip scrub, it smells and even tastes like popcorn! Its delicious and with a mixture of castor sugar and essential oils does a great job of getting rid of any dry skin on my lips and keeps them feeling super soft. 

To moisturise my lips I use the lip service lip balm, which is a blend of shea and cocoa butter to create a rich creamy balm, it keeps my lips hydrated and ready for lipstick.

I love this lip tint! It is in the colour Charm which is a gorgeous baby pink colour, it is so smooth and moisturising on your lips, its staying power is great and looks really nice and girly. 

Now you have kissable lips go and kiss all your favourite people! 

kisses for Salt <3


  1. The lip tint has a really pretty color and it looks lovely on you :)

    Style and Paper

  2. the colour looks beautiful on you



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