6 August 2013

bourjois paris - color boost

Bourjois have just recently released some new lipsticks, similar to the Clinique chubby sticks and the Revlon lip stains. When I first saw them in Boots they didn't really catch my eye as I thought they would be like a lipstain I had bought a while ago by Max factor and hated, its was more like a felt tip pen than a lipstick and didn't do anything for me. But I then saw Zoe from Zoella talk about these and they seemed more like a lip balm then an actual stain. So I went ahead and bought the colour Peach on the Beach and Orange Punch the same as Zoe, they are lovely summery colours so perfect to try out now.

The consistency is more of a really soft lipstick but with the shine of a lipgloss and they also feel very moisturising like a lip balm, they are basically three products in one! When you first apply it, it is very opaque and glossy, the glossyness kind of made me feel like it wouldn't actually stay on my lips for long, but I wore Peach on the Beach when I went for lunch with Jessica and totally forgot I had put it on and after a lot of food it was still on my lips! Not as glossy but you could defiantly still see the gorgeous pink colour, so it defiantly did its job of staining my lips! They claim to have a 'bare lip sensation' and I think they do as I totally forgot I had it on, I hate feeling like I have something on my lips which is why I don't wear lipstick very often as if I remember I have it on I cant leave my lips alone and get paranoid that it has smudged all over my face, so the fact that you cant even feel it on your lips is a bonus for me!

Over all I am very happy with these lipsticks and might just go out and buy the other two colours which look equally as lovely! I do hope they come out with more colours soon for autumn because I really want to get into wearing dark lipsticks!


  1. They look gorgeous on you, Ive just picked up the peach one so I'm excited to try it. I wonder how they compare to the Revlon ones.

  2. I too got really intrigued when Zoe raved about these, hopefully they come to Slovenia pronto so I can try them out also :))
    xx, moonchild beauty blog

  3. such beautiful colour! love the sweet and subtle pink and orange a lot <3

    Check out my latest outfit post on blog! :)

  4. they look so beautiful on you, check out my new blog http://iratxethefairy.blogspot.com.es/

  5. they look so beautiful on you, check out my new blog http://iratxethefairy.blogspot.com.es/

  6. what makeup brands are crulety free?
    you've inspired to only buy makeup brands that don't test on animals. sorry if this is an annoying question but really want to know and when i have looked online everyone seems to have different answers so i was wondering if you could just give me an answer? i am sorry for being cheeky x

  7. Those colours are totally lovely! Keep wearing them!:)


  8. great post! would you like to follow eachother?



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