24 April 2013

benefit fake up hydrating concealer

I have been on the hunt for a good under eye concealer for quite a while as I ran out of erase paste last year, I did then buy the collection 2000 concealer everyone loves but it is too dark for me and I always forget to buy a different colour when ever I'm in boots. I had heard about the new fake up concealer Benefit brought out and never really thought about giving it a go for some reason, even though Benefit are my favourite brand. One of the girls at the Benefit counter asked if she could show me it on my face and explain what it does, so I let her, and as soon as she showed me it under one eye compared to the other I was sold. The concealer has a ring of hydrating eye cream around so it doesn't go on to heavy or thick and at the same time it is working to reduce dark circles and moisturise the skin. I'm the shade light as for under your eyes you need a lighter colour to really reduce the appearance of darkness. I think the reason I haven't bought the collection 2000 concealer again is because it can sometimes look too thick and cakey, but this is just the perfect consistency. It gives the appearance of a full coverage concealer but it really doesn't feel like that on your skin, it feels smooth and silky. It doesn't crease and it lasts for quite a while, but you can easily retouch as the packaging is handy for on the go. The only downside with it is that it seems to smudge my mascara, I haven't tried this yet but I think if I put a little bit of the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer under my eyes it will stop my mascara smudging.

Below is how I apply it;

1. I apply my foundation first to make sure I don't over load my face with concealer as the foundation will cover some of the dark circles.

2. I apply the concealer straight from the stick.

3. Blend it in with a real techniques deluxe crease brush, which is meant for eyeshadow but since I don't wear eyeshadow that much I fid it the perfect brush for blending out concealer under your eyes.

4. As you can see the result is natural and covers my dark areas around my eyes well with out looking too caked on.

Have you tried this yet? Could you recommend a good concealer to cover blemishes?

22 April 2013

bunny care part 1; basic bunny rules

An unbelievable amount of people were excited when I said I was going to be doing a 'bunny care' series on my blog, you all see cute photos of them on my social media sites and I have even made them an instagram account solely to post HD photos of them on, they are my life basically, my day revolves around them and I wouldn't have it any other way!

In this first part of the series I will be talking about basic bunny needs and the correct way to care for them, also a few disclaimers about rabbits in general. I have had rabbits since I was eight years old so I think I'm quite clued up with their complicated personalities although saying that I am still learning things about them everyday so I am not the 'bunny expert' a few people assume I am.

Before even thinking of getting a rabbit watch this video.

Are they low maintenance pets?
A lot of people think rabbits are low maintenance pets, and let me tell you, they are one of the most high maintenance pets you can get. They take a huge amount of commitment and looking after, they can live for 10+ years if cared for properly. They need 'cleaned out' (faeces removed from their house) almost every day. You can litter train them as rabbits are naturally prone to go to the toilet in one corner but this isn't always the case as Poppy goes all over her house. Litter training makes it an easier job for you to clean their hutches and makes it a little bit less smelly. Learn more about how to litter train here

They need at the very least 4 hours of exercise daily, this is basically 4 hours at least out of their hutches, I bring them in the house for a run around in my room or in the dining room. This lets them stretch their legs and have interaction with their 'slave' (me). If it is a nice day outside I will put them in their runs in the garden for some fresh air and a nibble of grass. With 4 bunnies this can take up a lot of time in my day but since they are bonded in pairs they can be out together and this kind of saves time. (How I bonded my bunnies will be in a future post). 

Rabbits are a big commitment so if you get one say goodbye to long holidays. I went on holiday last year and Poppy became very ill as she hadn't seen me for two weeks. Rabbits get very attached to their owners and become very distressed when they haven't seen you for awhile. They went on their holidays to a family friends house who rescues guinea pigs so they were in capable hands but just this change of scenery and no contact with me and their usual routine made them very stressed. 

Are they suitable pets for children?
Again, this is a big misconception about rabbits, rabbits are complicated creatures and need mature adults who know what they are doing to care for them. I got my first rabbit Dusty for my 8th birthday and having him was a big learning curve for me, luckily for Dusty my mum was his main carer, she cleaned him out and fed him in the beginning until I was old enough and mature enough to care for him by myself. There have been horrific stories when parents have left children with rabbits and these horrible children cut the rabbits ears off with scissors!!! Arghh this still makes me so angry that parents would not even supervise their children when around them! Obviously not all children are cruel but it has happened a few times and it is disgusting. Learn more about children and rabbits here.

Rabbits are cute and cuddly?
Rabbits rarely like cuddles and hate being picked up as they don't feel safe when their feet are not on the ground. They are to busy exploring, running, jumping and nibbling things to be cuddled. Although all rabbits are different some are more willing to strokes and kisses. Poppy and Pepper love getting strokes but Peaches and Salt don't so much. 

What is Spaying and Neutering?
Spaying is an operation performed on female rabbits by a vet to remove her womb so she can not have babies, Neutering is the same(ish) operation on males. Spaying and Neutering is highly recommended as it can calm the hormones of rabbits and make them more relaxed, in females this is most important as it prevents them developing cervical cancer or cancer of the womb in their older years. As their hormones are reduced it will reduce the amount of territory marking they do, which is spraying their wee all over your carpets and belongings as they think it is theirs. Learn more about spaying/neutering here.

What do they eat?
A rabbits diet should be made up of mostly hay, and a few veggies and pellets. You should not feed a rabbit mixed muesli type food as it is high in sugar which can cause obesity and dental problems. Here is a great rabbit diet pyramid, which shows what they should eat. Here is a list of safe fruit and vegetables they can eat. Learn more about their diet here.

My rabbits live in a shed in the garden each with their own hutches inside, in a shed they are protected from the wind, rain and snow and any predators around like foxes. When it comes to rabbit houses I think the bigger the better. A rabbits hutch should be wide enough for three hops and tall enough for them to stand up on their back legs and not touch the roof. I have huge hutches for my rabbits (which you will see in my next post) I have two story hutches from Pets at Home, the girls have a hutch from there which I thought was discontinued but theirs are extremely similar to this one. It is very similar to the Rose Cottage which Salt lives in. For housing insperation look here, I have so many ideas of what to improve next for my bunnies! Important housing tips here.

I think that is all the information I will throw at you at the moment, there is still so much I could tell you but if you are seriously considering getting a rabbit I suggest you have a thorough read of my favourite bunny websites;

Thank you so much for reading if you managed to get this far! I hope it helped you and has taught you a bit about rabbits. In my next post I will be taking about my rabbits, how I got them, their breeds, my daily routine with them etc, so look out for that. If you have any other questions or anything you want me to go over in a future post just let me know in the comments or email me sophiefosterblog@live.com and I will be more than happy to help!


21 April 2013

summer wine

jumper - h&m
joni jeans - topshop
socks - topshop
shoes - converse
watch - sabo skirt
necklace - h&m
sunglasses - rayban

I havent done an outfit post in ages as for the past few months my style has been horrific, all I would wear were casual clothes, one time I even left the house in Jack Wills sweatpants and that is like the lowest of the low for me. Most of the time not putting make up on either, I don't know why but I was like "I've got no one to impress so I don't care if I leave the house with greasy hair and no make up". But I think I'm finally getting out of that stage as yesterday the sun was shining and it made me really excited to start trying to dress like a girl again.

I have had my eye on this purple jumper for quite a while now and finally got round to buying it yesterday, now I think its going to be all I wear for the next 3 months. Its so soft and comfy and really vibrant and bright, it cheers me up just looking at it. I am wearing my Joni jeans from Topshop as they are my new favourite pants, they are high waisted and super stretchy, the go with anything. I love wearing these frilly Topshop socks with every outfit, I think I have became quite a sock snob now as the only ones I will wear are from Topshop.

13 April 2013

kylie jenner inspired; nail art tutorial

For a while now 'claw' nails or 'stiletto' nails have been popular with a lot of celebrities, I first saw Demi Lovato rocking them, then Lana Del Rey and now the whole Kardashian family have their nails shaped like this. Since I have been obsessed with Kylie Jenner for the past few years, as soon as I saw she had her nails like this I thought they looked so cool, so I have started to try and grow mine out like this. Kylie posted a photo of her nails on instagram and I had seen Lana Del Rey sport this particular nail art only with red tips. I loved the look of them, so I thought I would give it ago my self.

1. Try and grow your nails out as long as you're comfortable with as this effect will look better with longer nails.

2. Cut both sides of your nails into a point shape.

3. File your nails so they are not sharp, and make them as pointy or rounded as you prefer.

4. Once you have the shape sorted you can get started and paint your nails.

5. Apply a base coat to your nails to protect your natural nails and to make your design last longer.

6. Apply two coats of a light pink or very pale colour to your nails, I used Nails Inc's Elizabeth Street.

7. With a nail art pen start to draw a thin line from the middle of your nail up to the middle of the tip.

8. Do the same on the other side and join it up to the point.

9. Ticken the lines and make them as straight as possible.

10. Clean up the edges with a cotton bud and nail varnish remover and apply a shine enhancing top coat.

What do you think of these nails? Do you like stiletto nails or not? At first I wasn't too keen but now I love them.


11 April 2013

sinful colors nail varnish; 24/7

Boots are now stocking Sinful Colors nail polish, at first I wasn't to fussed on them as I didn't really know much about the brand, and to be honest since they were only £1.99 I didn't thing they were going to be any good. It turns out the £1.99 price tag is just a trial price and they will be going up soon. As soon as I saw this colour I thought of China Glaze's 'pool party' which came out years ago when you couldn't get a hold of any american products in the UK. I am so glad I gave Sinful Colors a chance because the formula is amazing, its very thick and opaque you only need 2 coats to get a good bright colour. The brush is a good size and it doesn't chip very easily which I find is always the deal breaker for me. A neon pink nail varnish is what I've been looking for, for absolutely ages and I have finally found an extremely bright one that looks amazing on the nails it makes a big statement especially on 'claw' nails (I'm growing mine out like this). 

Have you tried Sinful Colors yet? Are there any other make up brands that you've given a chance and were pleasantly surprised with their result?

9 April 2013

tutorial; how i fill in my eyebrows

Ever since two years ago I never did anything with my eyebrows as the thought of tweezing them terrified me, but since reading beauty blogs and watching youtube tutorials I've finally figured out a way to fill them in which looks good. With out sounding vain, I quiet like my eyebrows, I get a lot of compliments on them and I think they suit my face shape well. I get my eyebrows tinted and waxed at a Benefit Brow Bar, they have them all over the country now and I defiantly would recommend going to them if you're unsure about how to do your brows as they will get them looking their best. I get them done about every two months, I try to stretch out appointments for as long as I can so that my eyebrows have time to grow out fully again before their next shaping. The reason I do this is so that they don't loose their natural shape and thickness. Also to be quite honest I don't really mind the 'undone' brows look so in between waxes isn't too much of a pain.

1. I leave all the shaping to the professionals, I only tweeze about two or three hairs on my brow bone right under the arch, as to be honest it hurts too much to tweeze every stray hair.

2. First I brush some of the No7 Lash and Brow Protector through my brows and brush the hairs upwards, I brush the hairs upwards as I feel it makes them look thicker and less 'neat'.

3. I then take the tinted wax from my Benefit Brow Zings kit and draw an outline around my eye brows, this helps them look neater and more defined.

4. I then take a little bit more wax and fill my whole eyebrow in with the wax.

5. With the same Real Techniques brow brush I take the powder from my Benefit brow kit and set the wax in place, this also adds more colour to my eyebrows. 

6. Lastly I will brush out my eyebrows as the powder can make them stick to my skin a bit and make them look a bit too fake, I just lightly brush them back and forth to keep them looking slightly more real.

7. To maintain my eyebrows thickness, when ever I have a few hours to spare I will put on some castor oil as this helps thicken the hairs and help get rid of bald patches by encouraging hair to grow.

3 April 2013

topshop 'awol' nail polish

topshop nails - awol, rimmel london - matte finish top coat

As soon as I saw this colour in the Topshop nail varnish stand I knew I had to have it, I had never seen a nail varnish as bright blue as this one before. Ever since buying it I have fell in love with the Topshop nail varnishes (like I need anymore) but I cant control my self and have bought quite a few other colours, this is my favourite of them all though. I love the formula of Topshop nail varnishes, they are really creamy and opaque, which I didn't expect considering that its from a clothing shop, I can be quite sceptical about things that have come from a clothing brand, like they're not going to be good, but I had heard so many people say good things about their make up line that I thought I may as well give it a go. I get compliments on it when ever I have it on and especially with the Rimmel London matte top coat over the top it looks incredible. I have never liked the look of matte nail colours but this combination is perfect! The matte coat makes your nails really really matte, no shine at all, it works wonders. I even tested it over a shine enhancing top coat and it still did a brilliant job at making my nails matte. The only problem I have with it is that after a few days it kind of starts to rub off, like the shine of the nail polish underneath will start to come through at the tips of your nails. It doesn't chip much its just the shine that seems to come through a bit but this is easily fixed with another coat.

2 April 2013

there's always tomorrow

"for goodness sake mummy post a real blog post already!"

Oh here I am again, with another 'filler' post. If someone would just kick me up the backside and make me get a move on blogging wise, that would be greatly appreciated. I hate this feeling of not knowing what at all to post, even though I have loads of ideas I can just never bring my self to take photos and write about products. Its so annoying because I miss blogging so so much, I feel like I've been on this blogging rut since last August, I think ever since then my blog has gone downhill. I keep putting it off and using the excuse of "there's always tomorrow". I could type away whining and moaning about the lack of sun light etc but you've heard it all before from me, so I will spear you the rant.

I have finally made another youtube account with the correct username to match my now changed blog name. Heres my new channel so get subscribing, hopefully I will have a video up soon! (I wouldn't hold your breath).

To try and lighten the mood of this post, above is a photo of my baby bunny Salt, if those of you with out twitter or instagram you probably didn't know that I got yet another bunny at the end of January. He is such a devil but equally as cute. He is almost fully bonded with Pepper and they hopefully will be friends forever. I have been bonding Poppy and Peaches again and they are getting along great, you can see loads of HD photos of them on my bunny instagram account here.


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