15 July 2013

new bling

My absolute favourite thing to shop for is jewellery, any where I go I am always on the look out for new jewels. My favourite shops for jewellery are Topshop and H&M, they have reasonably priced good quality jewellery and a wide range of choices. I only buy gold jewellery because thats what I prefer and Topshop has great bright gold pieces.

I got these three neon bracelets from Accessorise in the sale for I think about £3, they are gorgeous and really bright, I love anything neon! They are great bracelets to stack with others and they stand out with all their charms and lovely beads!

I also got these bracelets in the Accessorise I really like these small friendship type bracelets and again anything neon! They are really cute and dainty and look great stacked with other bigger bracelets. (Obviously you don't wear them on your fingers but they are the really hard to tie on your own type bracelets and I had no one here to tie them for me)

I have been looking for these gold cuff rings for a while now and I didn't want to pay loads of money for them but I saw these in H&M for only £3.99 and I couldn't beleive it, I was tempted to buy the £10 ones from River Island and I'm so glad I didn't. With the H&M ones you get six smaller rings with them too which is a bonus! They look really cool and they are so effortless.

I have also been looking for thin above the knuckle rings for a while but again not wanting to pay ridiculous prices, then I found some in H&M! I was in the que waiting to pay for the rings above and saw these! I was so happy to find the rings I've been looking for, for weeks in the space of 5 minutes! With this pack you get about 15 rings all different sizes, my favourite are the really small ones, which you can wear above your knuckles. I love to wear them with the cuff rings above.

The last piece of new jewellery I've bought is probably my favourite, I am a sucker for hand chains and just chains in general and when I saw this was in the Rock n Rose sale for only £1!!! I had to get it! It is gorgeous, I feel so exotic when I wear it. It was only £1 for one night and I'm so glad I got it, I would have bought it for its original £10 but still it was such a good deal!

Have you spotted any good jewellery deals recently? Or know of places which do lovely jewellery? Let me know in the comments below! Next on my list are the new Miss Selfridge ear rings, they are sets of about 10 ear rings all different and they are constantly coming out with new ones, I think I'm obsessed with them!

11 July 2013

cruelty free kisses / how to get kissable lips

On Saturday the 6th of July Lush attempted to break the world record of the most lip prints collected in 12 hours in celebration of international kissing day. All the kisses had to be cruelty free as all kisses should be!

In order to get your lips kissable you will need a lip scrub, lip balm and an emotional brilliance lip tint. 

To exfoliate my lips I use the Popcorn lip scrub, it smells and even tastes like popcorn! Its delicious and with a mixture of castor sugar and essential oils does a great job of getting rid of any dry skin on my lips and keeps them feeling super soft. 

To moisturise my lips I use the lip service lip balm, which is a blend of shea and cocoa butter to create a rich creamy balm, it keeps my lips hydrated and ready for lipstick.

I love this lip tint! It is in the colour Charm which is a gorgeous baby pink colour, it is so smooth and moisturising on your lips, its staying power is great and looks really nice and girly. 

Now you have kissable lips go and kiss all your favourite people! 

kisses for Salt <3

8 July 2013

sleek blush by 3 palette - pumpkin

I never used to wear blusher very often as every one I tried were really sheer but ever since purchasing my LOLA blush on holiday last year I haven't stopped wearing it as its a beautiful bright pink colour. Now I love to wear blush, and when I saw this palette by sleek I had to have it. They are all really really bright colours, my favourite is the orange of course, it is called p pie. The pink colour is called squash and the red is lantern. They are all incredibly pigmented but obviously you wont want bright lines in your cheeks which is why they're very blendable, they are quite a silky texture and almost feel like a cream blush when you apply them. Even though they are such bright colours they blend into your skin really well and look quite natural if they are applied lightly. I am obsessed with the orange colour I think it looks gorgeous with a tan, its great for the summer. The red colour, lantern, is a typical china doll colour and creates a lovely rosy colour on your cheeks. The pink, squash, is lovely with paler skin tones and looks beautiful with a matching pink lipstick. Have you ever tried any sleek bushers? I think I need to get another one of these palettes they're so nice!

5 July 2013

easy summer beachy hair

My usual go to hair style is just poker straight hair because it is super easy and I only have to straighten my hair once every wash, but recently I have been getting bored of it and thinking it looks just too plain so I tried my sea salt spray in my hair for the first time in ages and I love the way it looks! I used to only use my sea salt spray on my natural waves but I love what it does to my straight hair. Spraying a little bit through the ends of your hair gives it a really cool messy texture, your hair is still straight but it looks a lot less flat. This look is a really good way to disguise dirty hair, spray a bit of dry shampoo in your roots to get rid of any oiliness and give an extra bit of volume and then spray the sea salt spray in the ends. It is perfect for summer when its hot and you cant be bothered to do much with your hair, but you still want to wear it down and as curls probably would fall out easily in the heat. 


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