9 January 2014

fresh start

Hey everyone! Long time no speak! I am not going to do another post about how sorry I am for not blogging etc etc etc. But I just want to say, if you're still interested in my beauty posts and what I have to say, then come and check out my youtube channel, for the month of December I did a series on my channel called 'vlogmas' which is where you vlog your day to day life up until the 24th of December, I got a lot of positive feed back from this and it inspired me to make more youtube videos. Since then I have uploaded some videos and I have been really inspired to post a new video at least once a week.

So I thought since I miss blogging so much that I would try and post a blog post at least once a week too. As much as I would like to post daily, I am still at college and constantly getting assignments to do so there might be a few weeks where I miss some posts but I think once a week is achievable.

I think taking a break from social media etc is really healthy and thats what I did, I hope you are all ok and I look forward to speaking to you all again soon.

As always come and check out my other social media sites where I am much more active, twitter & instagram.

1 comment

  1. Good luck posting once a week! That's my new goal too :) x



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