16 April 2014

the TMI tag

I thought I would do the TMI tag today just for fun, I've realised that I need to stop worrying so much about posting perfect blog posts and just go with what I'm feeling like, so here it is! Sorry its quite long!

What are you wearingElectric blue jeans and a grey topshop bunny jumper, I'm channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw... kind of (in love with the Carrie diaries)
Ever been in loveI'm honestly not sure, I probably thought I was at the time but I don't think I truly was
Ever had a terrible breakupI've blocked all past relationships out of my mind or I just have the worst memory ever, but I don't think any were too dramatic 
How tall are youI am 5ft 4
How much do you weighI don't think how much you weigh matters because even if two people weigh the same their body shape can look completely different so weight doesn't matter, idk where I'm going with that but yeahhh moving on...
Any tattoosWhen Miley and Demi first started getting their tattoos I really wanted some too, but now I'm not too bothered about them right now although if I were to get any they would be just outlined ones like basic plain black ones
Any piercingsJust my ears, I've got them pierced twice, I want them pierced a third time because I like things in odd numbers, I think it looks better, haha! I don't have the desire to get anywhere else pierced though, its too painful and getting them to heal is a right palaver!
OTPKatniss and Peeta from the Hunger Games ahhh I love Peeta so much </3</3
Favourite showCurrently it's Call the Midwife and the Carrie Diaries
Favourite bandsI don't really listen to bands to be honest, I'm not that cool, though I quite like the 1975 at the moment
Something you missI had to think long and hard about this one but I really miss summer holidays with my family, I love going abroad, I just love getting away from here and going to a place no one knows you, I feel like I can totally be myself there with out having to worry about bumping into anyone, aha I hate bumping into people I know in public, such a weirdo
Favourite songMy favourite songs change all the time but I think I will always love 'When I look at you' by Miley Cyrus. Although currently my favourites are in this playlist I created
How old are youI'm 19
Zodiac signLeo
Quality you look for in a partner | Someone who loves animals, I don't think I could be with someone who didn't like animals or appreciate and respect them, they wouldn't have to be totally obsessed like I am, but they're just too big a part in my life for me to be with someone who doesn't like animals
Favourite quote | "Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character" Arthur Schopenhauer
Favourite actorLeonardo Dicaprio
Favourite coloursI'm quite into pastels at the moment but I also love neons, neons will always be my all time favourite
Loud music or soft | Not sure quite what this means, volume wise I always have my music loud but the type of music I listen to isn't particularly screamy
Where do you go when you're sadTo play with my bunnies, they always cheer me up
How long does it take you to showerAbout 20 minutes it depends if I'm washing my hair or not, if not about 5-7, to be precise 
How long does it take you to get readyUsually I have stayed in bed longer than planned so I always have to rush, I can get it down to 15 minutes but if I had a lot of time and could do my whole routine it would be about 30-40 minutes
Ever been in a physical fightNope
Turn onSomeone with lovely teeth and hair, good sense of humour, maybe haha I don't really know, I don't think I'm too picky. Or just Ian Somerhalder
Turn off | People who are speciesist and think humans can do anything to animals just because they're human
The reason why I joined youtube/blogspotI found llymlrs in look magazine, started reading her blog daily and I wanted to do the same because it looked like a lot of fun and I've always wanted to start a youtube channel but I was too scared, but last spring loads of girls on instagram started making videos and I finally plucked up the courage!
Fears | Insects, speaking in front of large groups of people or anything terrible happening to my bunnies, as they live outside in a shed I'm always panicking about them getting out or some burglar hurting them or the shed setting on fire, its horrible
Last thing that made you cryThe stress of college work
Last time you said you loved someoneTo my mum and brother today aww
Meaning behind your Blogger URL | Calvi is a town in Corsica which am in love with and rose just because it fit nicely
Last book you readThe hunger games part 1, I read that two summers ago though!
Currently readingI don't really have time to read much at the moment, just a load of veterinary nursing books :(
Last show you watchedThe Carrie Diaries
Last person you spoke to on the phoneMy brother
The relationship between you and the person you last textedJessica, my cousin
Favourite food | Falafels, jalape├▒os and pizza, yummeh!
Place you want to visitUgh loads of places, LA, South Africa to work with lions, just anywhere 
Last place you wereI was at tesco doing food shopping, such fun
Do you have a crush | Not particularly, I will always have a soft spot for this one person but he lives on the other side of the planet and I haven't seen him in years aha, its a tough life...
Last time you kissed someoneAn hour ago, my mum, does that count?
Last time you were insultedI try not to remember
Favourite flavour of sweetCherry
What instruments do you playI don't play any, I used to play the recorder in primary school haha, nothing too technical
Favourite piece of jewelleryMy Ted Baker watch
Last sport you playedOh my goodness I haven't played any kind of sport since high school which was probably netball
Last song you sang | This
Favourite chat up lineI actually can't think of one, I don't use chat up lines to be honest
Have you ever used them | Not that I'm aware of, I've never chatted anyone up!
Last time you hung out with someoneI hung out with my mum and her friend today, if you could class that as hanging out...
Who should answer the questions nextAnyone who would like to, sorry I really don't like tagging anyone in specific, but if you want to do this too then go ahead!


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