25 August 2014

autumn pastels

(please ignore the camera remote in my hand :))

Vest top - Primark
Jumper - H&M
Joni Jeans - Topshop (I ripped them myself)
Bag - New Look
Watch - Ted Baker

Hello everyone, long time no speak, I was planning on relaunching my blog when I finished college which was in July but somehow time has passed and only now am I thinking about it. You know me the ultimate perfectionist, I have took photos for reviews etc but I didn't think they were good enough so I didn't post them which is why you're only just getting a blog post now! Even these aren't to my standard as I had to cut my face out of them.

Anyway enough complaining, its been a very long time that you would have seen an outfit post on here, and yep I still class my style as incredibly boring but I recently purchased this 'leather' (not real leather) jacket from Topshop to replace my last one which has a huge hole in the armpit, and felt the need to share its beauty.  I don't know what I did with out my 'leather' jacket I just feel like no matter what I wear it makes me feel much better, so I had to replace my worn out one. This was £58 which I think is reasonable as my last one lasted me about 3 years. The material is quite thick which will be good for when the weather starts to get colder. It has a faux fur collar which is detachable but I never took it off my old one as I liked how it looked more with it, than with out.

Every year in late August I seem to have a load of summer clothes that I have bought for going on holiday and only get to wear when I'm actually abroad, so this year instead of putting them to the back of my wardrobe for next year I am trying to incorporate them into my outfits. I love this pastel vest top and theres no way I'd be able to wear it on its own right now so I think wearing it under a thin autumny coloured jumper it mixes the two seasons perfectly. I really don't like this phase where its not warm enough to wear summer clothes but its still too hot for winter clothes, so I tried my best to mix in the two to create an outfit that would regulate my temperature appropriately and I think this worked as well as mixing colours and textures. Hopefully this gave you ideas about how you can mix in your summer clothes into your autumn wardrobe and prevent you from feeling like you have nothing weather appropriate to wear.

I'll hopefully speak to you all soon, don't forget to follow me on instagram and twitter for more regular updates!


  1. Love the pastel colour paired wight he khaki. So pretty! Xxx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  2. so glad to see a post from you again sophie! love this jacket, definitely one I'll be adding to my shopping list..

    charlotte x

  3. This outfit looks stunning on you- it really suits you. I love the bag and basically everything especially your henna! Your hair is beautiful- i love the colour and curls! X




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