27 August 2014

charles worthington - sunshine protector

charles worthington - sunshine protector

In July I went on holiday and when I was getting all my mini essentials to take away with me, I came across the Charles Worthington Sunshine Protector collection. As I went to Majorca and it is very sunny this time of year I thought these would be perfect. Somehow when I went to wash my hair for the first time since being away I noticed then ends of my hair were incredibly dry and damaged, this is was probably off the sea and pool. When I was brushing my hair before washing it, there was lots of hair coming out, more than usual, I was tempted to use the moisturising shampoo and conditioner I also brought but I used this instead. Even when I was still in the shower and washing the shampoo out, my hair felt instantly better! I usually don't notice a difference until I have put conditioner on but even this shampoo is super hydrating. The conditioner obviously still makes a huge difference and the ends of my hair looked so healthy when I had dried my hair. I didn't really see a difference when I sprayed the leave-in spray in my hair as the shampoo and conditioner already did a great job but I still used it just for some extra protection. I did notice that the leave-in spray was really good at detangling my hair as my hair can get extremely knotty. These products have moringa seed oil in them which is probably why it makes your hair feel super soft, and I'm sure over time this will help replenish your hair. Using all of these products all together really transformed the look of my hair for the better, it has never felt so soft and looked so healthy in a long time. When I got back off holiday I purchased some more as I loved it too much! I assume this is a limited edition formula as they only sell them in small sizes, but I really wish they would make them in full size because they are incredible and I would use them all year round if I could! Even if you're not going on holiday this year I strongly recommend trying these as I'm sure you'll love them too! I'm always interested in trying new shampoo and conditioner so if you have any recommendations to ones you like, I would love to know what they are! 

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