31 August 2014

hamster accommodation

As some of you may know I have a hamster, I did the 'furry friend tag' about him that you can read here if you missed it, but today I wanted to talk about his housing. I think his cage is pretty spectacular for a hamster in my opinion and I think every hamster deserves the same! 

Ted used to live in a fireplast small cage which I don't think is suitable for Syrian hamsters it just seemed too small to me. I got it from Pets at Home at the same time I got him and this was the biggest one they had instore! I knew it would only be a temporary measure for him to live in and I got looking at alternative ones straight away. While searching the web I couldn't find any that I thought were big enough, until I saw this one from the Pets at Home website. It is called Hamster Heaven and it is 50x80x50cm, which is like a mansion for him!

It technically has 3 floors, a bed area, two levels and a base floor. The top level is his bed, to get to this area there are supposed to be tubes going from the right hand side up and out of the cage over to the left hand side then back in the cage and leading up to the bed. I think that is so pointless, and ted couldn't figure it out I think he was quite scared as the tubes were completely in the open and he felt exposed. (You will be able to see what I mean on the PAH website about the way the tubes were.) So to make it easier for him I closed up the two holes and just put the tubes inside his cage leading on to the green level. This is much easier for him and makes it much faster for him to take snacks up to his bed! When he first moved into this house he would chew on the bars in his bed so I attached a carrot chew onto the bars to see if he would gnaw on that instead. The bed area was still quite exposed so I put this hamster hammock over the top of it to protect him from direct sunlight. That hamster hammock doesn't fit in his house believe it or not as it is too big so it does good as a cover.

The green and pink level are not close enough for him to climb over onto each other as the idea is that he should go down the stairs to the bottom level then up the stairs on the next level to get there, this is slightly better for him getting more exercise but he never used the stairs and would just catapult himself off the edge of each which I didn't think was very safe. So I bought a load of these 'nobbly gnawer' wooden toys and attached them onto the bars to create a floating stairway type effect. Along with these I bought him a 'lookout ledge' which is intended for chinchillas but it fit perfectly into the corner next to the stairs. There are two sizes of the lookout ledge and Teddy has both, the large one is next to the blue stairs and the small one is to the left hand side which I will explain shortly. These toys altogether create a easy way for him to get across from the green level to pink level. 


Underneath the pink level Teddy has a little wooden hide away house. Ted doesn't really use this, he occasionally will go in there just after he has woken up to clean himself and he used to sit on top of it but he doesn't really go near it anymore (well not that I know of, for all I know he could go in it at night).

I've also added in a kitchen roll tube in for him to chew on which I will sometimes hide treats in. He has a 'cozy pocket' which I've never seen him go in.

Ted doesn't have a typical hamster wheel, as the wheel that came with this cage won't stand up properly, it keeps falling over. So instead Ted has this hamster ball, one of the sides is open so he can go in and out when ever he wants to. I think these are much better than wheels as it is quite big. Although this at first is silent, after about a month it starts to make noise, so I just keep replacing them with new ones. Ted also likes to go to the toilet in here so its best for me to just keep getting new ones when they start to make noise. I do clean it all the time but it is an absolute nightmare to put together which is another reason I replace them often.

Underneath the green level Ted has a wooden coconut hideaway which I don't think he can fit in anymore, a wooden tube and some wooden play sticks. These are great for him to chew on and wear his teeth down.

Above the green level Teddy has the small chinchilla lookout ledge that I mentioned earlier, he has a wooden toy with a bell on the bottom which I think is probably for birds but he likes to chew it, I also attached a wicker ball onto some string and hung from the bars at the top of his cage. Behind the lookout ledge, there is one of the small carrot chews the same as in his bed area, this acts as a step up into the blue pod. (I can't find a link to this but I got it from Pets at Home) In his old cage Ted used to go in this all the time but I don't think he does anymore unless I hide a treat in there.


The bedding I use in Teddy house is from Pets at Home again and it is their safe paper bedding. I hate wood shavings and they're not the best for small animals as they can cause respiratory problems so I don't use this in Ted's house, they are also extremely messy so I prefer to use paper bedding.

Now you've seen every inch of Teddy's house! I hope you enjoyed this different post, I am really wanting to start posting about my animals a lot more as it is what I am interested in the most. Let me know what you thought and some time soon I will do a post on what I have for him for when he is playing out, as he doesn't stay in his cage at all times. If you have any other questions feel free to leave them in the comments below or I will answer them in the next post about Teddy.


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  1. I love Teddy's Cage! The Hamster Heaven cage is a brilliant size. You might also like Fitch for the bottom of Teddy's cage. It is made from paper is very soft & no dust: http://www.fitchrecycling.co.uk/animal-bedding/horse-bedding.html I use Fitch for my dwarf hamsters tank & she loves it



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