29 August 2014

what I did this summer

Summer is my favourite time of year, partly because my birthday is right in the middle of it, but mainly for the weather. Not that in the UK summer weather is particularly spectacular but life just seems to be a little bit more jolly when you can actually get away with not wearing a huge coat everywhere!

This years summer has been unusual as I didn't go abroad with my family. For as long as I can remember we have been on a family holiday every summer, so not going on one this year was quite strange. I did however go on my first holiday with out my parents, I went to Majorca with my cousin Devan, we went to Palma Nova for a week and it was fab! I absolutely love going away to hot places especially around the Mediterranean. Below are some photos from my holiday.

As I said my birthday is in August and this summer I turned 20, which is pretty scary, I absolutely hate growing up and getting older, sometimes I wish I was still 17 that seemed to be the best age for me. I may be over exaggerating with the wishing I was still 17 but its just scary to think that I am 20! No way did I think I would still be living at home at this age, not that this is a bad age to be living at home, I just always imagined I would have moved out by now. Below are just a few photos from my birthday etc. 

The rest of the summer has been pretty relaxed and the main things I have been doing is watching endless episodes of Gossip Girl and going to the RSPCA to walk dogs and socialise cats, it has been a nice change just staying in the house and relaxing, not having to worry about college work. Even when I have been leaving the house to go to the RSPCA I have been wearing sweatpants and jumpers (so the animals don't ruin any good clothes) and it has felt so good! I also organised my room and got rid of loads of junk and clothes that I don't wear anymore, that was really soothing for me as I hate clutter and I have just kept the essentials. I do think I could do with some new autumn clothes to replace the clothes I have got rid of though ;)

What have you done this summer? I would love to hear about it!


  1. you took some great photos! glad you had a lovely summer xx


  2. looked lovely on your holiday! I am officially obsessed with gossip girl too, it's so good!:)




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