8 September 2014

autumn clothing essentials

I've created a bit of an autumn essentials list incase you are one of those people like I usually am who finds that they have loads of summer clothes and nothing for autumn, I think these few items will go with anything you already have in your wardrobe and make you feel super autumnal!

These suggestions are all just my own personal tastes and style, by no means feel as if I am suggesting that if you wear anything different to the things I've suggested that you're not 'doing autumn right', because thats definitely not what I am meaning! I am purely just showing you some items I personally think are really nice and might inspire you as to what you want to incorporate into your autumn style.

I think some main autumn essentials are, an autumn coat, leather jacketboots and autumn coloured bottoms/tops.

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When I say autumn coat I am really just referring to the colour, I would associate autumn with deep reds, purples and greens and of course black, I'm obsessed with black at the moment. To get you back into wearing a coat I think for autumn choose a one that is not too thick, as in September time its not really going to be freezing temperatures (at least I hope not!) so having a thin-ish jacket will be a good item to throw on and you can layer up according to the weather so you are not over heating!

My picks are probably not the most autumnal as you can get but I really love this grey coat from H&M, the benefit of it being grey is that it will go with every outfit and it will transition well into winter! I love how it is so huge, I think it will be super comfy and you will be able to fit jumpers on underneath! I tried the second coat on in New Look and loved how it looked, the photo above doesn't do it justice as I think it looks weird with the drawstrings pulled in at the waist, I prefer it to look more baggy and I definitely wouldn't fasten it all the way to the top. I have been wanting a green coat like this with the faux leather arms since they started to come out a few years ago and I never found a one that I really loved, although this year I think I might have to get this one! This last coat is no where near what I would call an autumn coat but I absolutely love it! I am ok with anything pastel and when I saw this I fell in love! Although I don't think it would suit me as it is just a tad too unstructured for my body shape. This would also transition well into winter as I think pastels look amazing in winter!

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My absolute favourite clothing item of all time is a leather jacket (I buy faux leather) I just think it makes me look so much more smart and maybe even a little bit more 'trendy' and I just overall feel a lot better when I am wearing one. 

I have already purchased my jacket as the one I've had for two years is thoroughly worn out. My old jacket was from Topshop and so is my new one, I love the style of them and I think they suit me the best. Mine has a detachable black faux fur collar which will come in handy for keeping my neck warm in the winter and just adds a little bit more detail to the jacket. My second pick is a gorgeous maroon coloured jacket and I've never seen a leather jacket this colour before, I love the different coloured leather jackets and this one screams autumn! The last jacket I really like because it is just different and monochrome is very trendy at the moment, I just think this will go with anything you wear as black and white are such classics.

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Boots are something I still need to purchase but before I do that I have to sort out my shoe collection, but I've been looking around and I haven't been able to find any that I love. I love the first ones, I think the colour is lovely but I have some white ones from river island which are very much the same so I dont know if I could justify getting these ones although the white ones are not autumnal at all! I love the second pair of H&M boots they are perfect in every way, I really like ankle boots but I always wear skinny jeans and because they are so tight around the ankles they make my thighs look bigger and I can't afford that! These ones aren't as fitted and will just even out my proportions and look soooo good! I think these are my favourite! 

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The last item is just anything else autumn coloured, I love to buy new pairs of jeans at this time of the year because thats pretty much all I wear and dark coloured ones are my favourite! I am trying my best to branch out into wearing shorts or skirts, I absolutely love the look of either shorts or a skirt with tights, long socks and boots I always have wanted to wear it every autumn then I never end up doing it! I don't know how people do it I just feel so weird wearing skirts especially, I feel like they make my legs look even shorter!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and please leave your autumn essentials below in the comments!

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  1. I love your picks! Definitely some inspiration for my Autumn/Fall wardrobe. I'd love to see some more posts about Autumn and Autumn clothing on your blog! 😊



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