16 September 2014

back to reality

academic diary - tesco
to do note pad - h&m
pencil case - h&m

Today is the day I go back to college, I am now in my second year of an Animal Management course. I love this course so much and I am so glad I finally know what I want to do with my life, there is just so much work it is unbelievable! Last year my days consisted of going to college, getting home and doing work until I went to bed, it was that intense! I had no time for anything else, as I am a perfectionist and I am very thorough when it comes to my work every assignment took me a lot longer than it probably needed. Although that did pay off as I got a distinction, so I hope I can be as dedicated this year as I was last year! It is typical of me that I am just getting back into blogging just as I am going back to college, I think it is because I don't want to start the mountains of work again! I have used this last week off as a preparation for my internet world and I have scheduled posts to put up when I am overloaded in work. I am going to be reducing my posts to once a week they will be back ups and if I have time I will be posting more regularly. I was going to stop making youtube videos as I feel uncomfortable when I make them like talking to a camera as I'm so self-conscious, I am not good at makeup/hair/fashion so I really didn't think there was any point in me doing it! Although after much deliberation I decided to just switch up my videos to more lifestyle ones such as vlogs because I really want to do vlogmas again, not that last years were any good, just people seemed to like them! But because they take so much longer than blog posts and I always seem to have technical difficulties, I probably won't be making many of them very often in these next few months.

Anywayyy since it is back to school time I thought I would share a good tip that I learned last year which I really think helped me gain such a good grade. This will hopefully help you start a new school year off on the right tracks and hopefully maintain a successful and productive year.

Get organised | Probably the most obvious and what everyone says but it really helps and takes some pressure off you when you're organised! I love being organised it comforts me to plan things and have everything in order, this is where a diary and to do list come in handy. My diary for this year is from tesco, it is the cutest thing ever and it is just pretty basic but allows me to write assignments in to remind myself to do them! On my course we have to do course work, and at the beginning of the year we get module books which have all of the assignments you will have to do throughout the year wrote in them, I took them all and organised them into order of when they had to be handed in by. I then would organise my weeks as usually main assignments are handed in on a Friday, and plan what assignments I would do each week to make sure that I never handed one in late, as if they were handed in late you could only get a pass on them even if they were worth more, which was a great encouragement for me! I put all my assignments in a folder from asda in order and just kept going through them until they were all finished, it feels so good when you complete them and your folder is empty! This to do list from h&m is going to be really handy for when I am organising my weeks as I used to just write what I had to do on scrap pieces of paper, and this way it can look a bit more neat, it even has one of my favourite fonts on!

Even if you don't have course work to do and don't have the benefit of knowing what assignments you will be getting you can still plan! I did A Levels before this course and I wish I had known to do this as it would have made life a lot easier. With most A Levels you will be given or need to buy a text book to study from, what I did for one of my subjects (I wasn't as motivated then) was split the book up into exam units, this is usually already done for you like if you are sitting two exams in the first year they will be divided into what content will be in each exam. I then counted up the days until the exam and divided them by how many pages there were that I had to learn, this would then determine how many pages I had to read and study each week and by the time you have to sit your exam you are not overwhelmed with how much you have to learn! I hope that made sense! If I had stuck to this method I am sure I would have done much better than I did in my A Levels!

I hope this has helped some of you in how you can get more organised through out the year and I hope you all have a fab year, good luck!


  1. I did an extended diploma in animal management, the workload can feel so overwhelming sometimes. But best of luck! xx

  2. Your college work organization items looks so cute!
    I'd love to see more posts on how you organize your school things, as it's really helpful!



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