23 September 2014

hello autumn

As much as I love summer I can't wait for crisp cold mornings, dark nights where you can see the stars sparkling and drinking endless amounts of hot chocolate. One of my favourite things to do for the beginning of autumn is make my bedroom a lot more cozy, warm and just overall more autumnal looking. One of the ways I do this by adding fairy lights and lots of cushions and throws over my bed.

This year I have the cutest bedding ever, it is from Primark and it is their woodland animal pattern, to me this is the ultimate autumn bedding! The cream throw is from Ikea and the grey throw is also from Primark. 

Another thing I love about this time of year is that it will be Christmas soon, meaning seasonal starbucks drinks, such a typical thing to say! I don't drink coffee or tea so even just adding cinnamon or nutmeg into soy hot chocolates make me feel super festive and cozy.

I recently bought these PJ's from Primark, these don't scream autumn but the style and material do! They are made out of a thick cozy material which will keep you warm through those crisp nights. Primark have loads of patterns in this style of pyjamas, I just got the Disney Thumper style as I love bunnies!

I never feel like burning candles in the summer but now the time has come to get burning! I have recently bought some new scents, my personal favourite being November Rain. I bought a mixture of end of summer and typical autumn scents, I feel like these are a nice mixture for coming into autumn and will all compliment each other well, scent wise. 

I received this book from my cousins boyfriend for my birthday in August, and I literally couldn't be happier with it. It is all about British wildlife with incredible photography, I am really into wildlife photography so this book is very inspirational to me and I just love looking at the amazing beautiful animals that we have in Britain. I definitely think I want to help with wildlife conservation in the future so this book is very helpful for learning about animals that I've never really heard about. This autumn I am going to get out into the country side and explore nature and try to see some animals while practicing my photography skills. Wrapping up warm and getting outdoors taking photos of beautiful scenery then coming back to a lovely hot chocolate, nothing could be better!


  1. You bedding is adorable, love the grey colour palette :)
    xxx Claire

  2. Your pillows are so so cute!!
    Love them!

  3. your bedding and cushions are so perfect! Starbucks winter drinks are something I absolutely love about winter too. Pumpkin spice frappuccino.. yes please! x


  4. I adore your bedding! I'm definitely going to hunt for it in Primark when I'm in there next!

    lifestyle & book blog: http://whatlaurendidtoday.blogspot.co.uk x

  5. ohh this is awesome! i like your blog a lot :D have an amazing day!

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  6. Just like yourself I absolutely adore rabbits and yours are so cute !! I will definitely be picking up these cute thumper pjs

  7. I know this post was from a year ago but your bedroom looks so cute! I can't wait for Autumn this year and have already bought my cosy pj's and I'm planning my room decor. Primark is fab for Autumn homeware & pj's! x

    Angi | www.twodifferentworlds.com



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