6 September 2014

henna tattoos

For as long as I can remember I have loved mehndi henna tattoos, I love the patterns and designs I think they look absolutely beautiful. These types of tattoo designs have been coming increasingly popular this summer with celebrities sporting them and the access to ready made henna cones make it much easier to do them at home yourself! Henna tattoos, if you didn't know already, are natural non permanent tattoos which have been used for centuries, it has been practiced in the Middle East, India and Africa, where it is believed to bring good fortune and protect against evil. Henna is made out of the crushed leaves from a henna plant, it is applied to the skin and when it dries and the top layer is removed it leaves deep brown markings on the skin that fade naturally in 1-2 weeks.

My cousin and I got a henna tattoo on holiday but the woman used black henna on us and this is the type which people can have severe allergic reactions to, which I did! Black hennas are usually made with lots of chemicals to deepen the colour and make it last longer. If you are going to purchase some henna paste I would strongly recommend avoiding these types. The ones I got are 100% natural and have no chemicals in them, these are the ones I got. I am not allergic to these ones and I've applied quite a few on various parts of my body so I'm pretty certain these are safe to use.

I have been getting quite a few ideas from Pinterest as to what designs I want to try. I love to choose very detailed designs as I think they look so impressive but am I'm such a perfectionist and need what every design I do to be perfectly proportioned so its a bit trickier to do them on my self! I quite want a real tattoo but as I said I'm such a perfectionist and if it was slightly off proportion or position or anything it would bug me forever, so for the moment I am just experimenting with hennas to see how they would look. 

In the two photos above are designs that I have done, I have done so many on my self but most of them were not up to my standards, but I definitely have gotten better at controlling the henna cone, it just takes practice and you can get so many tattoos out of one cone! You should store your henna cones in the fridge when you're not using them as this will preserve them. I got a set of 6 henna cones and have some in the freezer which will preserve them for months.

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Like I said I got my henna cones from a seller on amazon, these are ready made henna in easy to use cones. 

All you do to prepare it is warm the henna cone up in your hand so it is more workable and easy to apply. 

Then you cut a tiny bit off the end of the cone, the less you cut off the thinner the henna will come out, this is good for intricate details. 

Your skin will need to be clean and dry with no lotions on, I use a hand sanitiser to make sure it is fully clean. 

Practice lines on a piece of paper or tissue so you get used to using the cone as, as soon as you apply it to your skin it will stain so you don't really want to be making a mistake. 

Once you have finished your design you will need to let it dry fully so there is a hard layer on top of it, this usually takes about 10-20 minutes depending on how big the design is.

The longer you leave the top layer on the darker the henna will be, but as you move around it is likely that the top layer will start to peel off. To prevent this you can wrap it. To wrap your henna you will need to seal it first, you can use a mix of lemon juice and sugar or apply vaseline over the top of it this will keep it hydrated and intensify the colour of your henna. You can wrap it in tissue paper and then put a sock (depending on the part of your body) or cling film over it, and leave this on over night. In the morning you can then remove the wrap and wash the henna off and you will have a lovely dark henna.


  1. This is such an amazing post! I love henna designs, they're so beautiful. I've never thought about doing it myself though!

    Lifestyle & Book Blog: http://whatlaurendidtoday.blogspot.co.uk/ x

  2. Could you please link the cones you bought; I love doing henna and have been looking for some good ones for ages. x

  3. Ah sorry guess I just can't see it on my iPad x



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