30 November 2014

iconemesis phone case

As you all know I absolutely love rabbits and I'm addicted to buying iPhone cases, so when Iconemesis contacted me asking if I would like to choose one of their phone cases I obviously had to pick one of Fifi Lapin's designs! Fifi makes beautiful art work focusing around super trendy bunnies (check out her blog here). There are lots of other artists work that you can get phone cases of, such as Gemma Correll who has cute pug designs, Lily X with gorgeous food collages and Boyarde Messenger with fab pop art inspired designs! It was such a hard decision to choose this phone case as I loved all of Fifi's designs, but I'm so glad I chose this one. It is so perfect and I've got so many compliments on it. The quality of Iconemesis phone cases are amazing, they are made with such thick material that protect your phone really well, I've accidentally dropped min a few times since having this case and my phone is still healthy! There is a glossy coating on the case which protects the design so it is not going to fade or rub off. The design goes all the way around the case onto the sides which most phone cases don't do! I think this just finishes off the case nicely and makes it look a lot more expensive than it is! For the iPhone 5s this case costs £19.99 and varies for which type of phone you have, but they currently are on offer with 50% off, now would be a good time to get one if you're interested!

7 November 2014

jewel candle - sweet cupcake & giveaway

Two of my favourite things have came together and joined as one! Jewel candle is a candle with a piece of jewellery inside it! How amazing is this idea?! Inside every candle there is piece of 925 sterling silver jewellery and you can choose between ear rings or a ring. You don't know what style of jewellery you're going to get in your candle and each one is worth from £10 to up to £250. It takes about 10-15 hours of burning your candle until you get down to your jewel, the piece of jewellery is inside a heat resistant foil to protect it, the idea is to wait for it to come to the surface but I was impatient and scooped mine out. The candle itself smells amazing and not at all artificial. The candles are all handmade with natural products and come in a large variety of scents. Jewel Candle have just came out with their Christmas scents which look amazing! They would make for a perfect gift! The only thing I would like more would be if they had the option of gold jewellery as I personally much prefer it.

If you're interested in purchasing one of these candles you can use my discount code 'calvirose10' to get 10% off!

From 5pm on Friday the 7th - 14th of November I am running a giveaway on my instagram with Jewel Candle where you can have the chance of winning one for yourself, for more information make sure you check out my instagram (@calvirose) - UK residents only.


5 November 2014

younique 3D fiber lash mascara

Ever since starting to wear make up in my early teens I have been conscious of my eyelashes. I longed for long dark fluttery lashes but unfortunately mine are nearly non existent! I quite often get clumps of eyelashes falling out and leaving gaps along my lash line which looks so weird, so when Jess from Younique contacted me asking if I fancied trying their 3D fibre lash mascara my prayers were answered! I have tried loads of different mascaras over the years and none of them really wowed me apart from the Benefit They're Real mascara, that is the only mascara that seems to make my eyelashes look half decent. Jess explained to me that the concept of the 3D fibre lash mascara was to make you look like you're wearing false eyelashes or eyelash extensions without having to undergo the tricky stage of applying them. 

The mascara consists of two products, the transplanting gel, which is quite like a normal mascara but it is a wetter consistency to ensure that the fibres attach onto your lashes. You also get a tube of the fibres, these fibres are made from 100% natural green tea fibres. At first I was worried about putting these near my eyes as I always get my rabbits fur in my eyes and it is so irritating, but you can not feel the fibres at all. They are so soft and really make your eyelashes look so much thicker. 

You can use the product on its own or over your favourite mascara, I tried both techniques and below are my results

First of all I tried out the product on its own, I curled my eyelashes and as you can see they are so short and barely even noticeable! I then applied one coat of the transplanting gel from the 3D lashes kit and before that has a chance to dry you apply the fibres. Applying the fibres is simple, it is just like applying mascara. I found the best technique for me was to coat the back and front of my eyelashes, this really increased the volume. Then you seal in the fibres with another coat of the transplanting gel, I've found that waiting until the first coat of gel and fibres are dry, then sealing them in works better than putting another coat of gel on straight away. I think this is because the fibres will be stuck into the gel and dried they won't just slip back off your lashes when applying another coat. You could leave it as that, just applying one coat of the fibres or you can apply as many coats as you would like, it all depends on your personal preference and how dramatic you are wanting to go. I applied two coats as that is usually how many coats of my normal mascara I would apply.

On my other eye I tried it on top of my normal mascara (Benefit they're real - which is almost empty) I curled my eyelashes again and as I was saying before how I get gaps in my eyelashes, I actually have a gap going on at the moment, right in the middle the eyelashes are much shorter than the rest of my lashes. My benefit mascara didn't make them blend in, if anything it made the gap more exaggerated. I did the same as before and applied two coats of the fibre lashes and the results are amazing! It totally concealed where my lashes were missing and made them really defined and dark.

I think I prefer how the 3D fibre lash mascara looks on top of my normal mascara as they look darker and more defined. But both ways produces amazing results!

If you want to get your hands on this mascara you can purchase it from Jess' website here, or email her directly for more information - jessevansyounique@hotmail.com. They are currently available to buy in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

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