26 December 2015

2016 Count Down #7 - Spending My Christmas Money

I feel like such a child right now because I got some money for Christmas and it is burning a major hole in my pocket! Here are some of the things I might just spend it on!

Beauty Blender - Recently I have been applying my foundation with a make up sponge like the Beauty Blenders and I love the finish it gives! Mine is from Models Own and is a bit past its best so I am wanting to get one of the 'originals'. I am definitely going to get the mini green ones as they will be great for concealer. I also want a large one for my foundation but I don't really know the difference between each colour. I think they all range in softness, I will have to look into that. I am also considering getting one of their blotting sponges which you use to blot excess oil throughout the day but I'm not sure if I would remember to use it!

Dublin River Boots - I have had this web page open on my laptop since the summer and never bit the bullet and bought them. I've wanted some boots like this for over a year but I wanted to try and find cheaper ones to the Dubarry ones and found these for half the price. I have no idea why I haven't purchased them yet, maybe now is the time!

Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade - I've been putting off purchasing this until I have used up my current eyebrow product and its almost finished so now is the time to get this much hyped about product! I just can't figure out what shade to get!

Anastasia Cream Contour Kit - I feel like this contour kit would change my face and life and is 100% needed!

Le Chameau Wellies - I see students at uni wear these all of the time and they look so good! I need some new wellies as mine squeak with every step I take and are totally battered. I need them for when I work at the sanctuary but I don't know if I could bear to get them dirty as they're so beautiful!

Schoffel Fleece - Another thing I see all of the time at uni! I love wearing fleeces, as old ladyish as that is, they're just so comfy and warm! I am in a dilemma about this fleece though as its quite expensive for what it is but it looks so nice I don't know what to do!

Zara Parka - I spotted this coat in store a few weeks ago but the size I wanted had marks all over so I was just going to buy it online but never got round to it. Luckily I waited and its now in the sale.

Anastasia Illuminator - Highlighters are a favourite make up product of mine and I'd love to try this Anastasia one it looks so gorgeous!

Sigma Brush Cleaning Matt - I rarely wash my make up brushes and I know that is so bad and it grosses me out so much but I feel like if I get myself a brush cleaning matt I will clean them a lot more frequently! This sigma brush cleaner is smaller than the original but will be perfect for what I need as I don't have that many brushes to wash on a regular basis. It fits into your sink and instead of using your hand it gives your brushes a much better clean.

Too Faced Born This Way - Another thing I've been wanting for a while but because I don't have a clue what colour I'd be, I haven't bought it. I know you can go online and find a website that matches your current foundation to others so you know what shade to buy, but the problem is that the foundation I currently wear isn't the right shade for me so I'm in a right dilemma!

Sigma Dry'n Shape - This is to go with the cleaning matt and this brush holder is such a better and more hygienic way of drying your make up brushes.

Jack Wills Hoodie - Yet another thing I've wanted for a little while and I've just bought it as it was in the sale. I love the colour of this hoodie it is like a dusty lilac, its gorgeous! I don't really like wearing hoodies but when I'm at uni thats all I ever feel like wearing. I'm very particular with the types of hoodies I do like to wear but Jack Wills hoodies are always lovely.

So that was my little wish list of things I might just buy with my Christmas money, have you spotted anything in the sales you'd like to buy? I would love to know!

25 December 2015

Christmas Count Down #1 - Christmas OOTD

I thought for the last post in my Christmas count down I would show you what I wore today. Usually my family don't state whether we're dressing up smart or casual so you usually just go with what ever you feel like. I tried to look for an outfit on Tuesday but I couldn't find anything festive that I liked, so I wore my favourite fox blouse from H&M and some jeans, as I wanted to be comfortable but also look a little bit smart. I'm wearing my super sparkly shoes from accessorise which are so gorgeous but kill my feet! I used my Urban Decay Naked two pallet and created a gold eyeshadow look by using half baked which is my go to eyeshadow for every occasion. I've kept my make up pretty simple and used my everyday products but just added eyeshadow and winged eyeliner. I hope you all are enjoying your day, Merry Christmas and I will speak to you again tomorrow to start the New Years count down!

24 December 2015

Christmas Count Down #2 - Christmas Eve Chat

Merry Christmas Eve guys! I actually can't believe how quickly December has gone! I don't feel like I've done anything particularly festive this year due to uni work, ill grandparents and everything in-between. Although this year I am surprisingly organised when it comes to gifts, I usually will be wrapping peoples presents last minute right before I go to bed, but this year I've got them all done and today I was able to chill!

This morning I continued to tidy my room, I had started to tidy it a few days ago but never finished it, so I've just tidied it all ready for Santa! When I was younger my parents would always make us tidy our room for Christmas day or Santa wouldn't deliver us any presents! My room has been an absolute tip since September so it is nice to actually be able to see the floor! As well as tidying my room I had to tidy my bunnies houses! I cleaned them out as they were due it anyway but I've also gave them some of their Christmas presents early so they could play with them while I was pre-occupied for the rest of the day. As strange as it may sound I love cleaning my rabbits houses out, it's so satisfying for me when it's all tidy and clean but I also just love spending time in the shed, organising and talking to them.

I then had a my traditional Christmas Eve bath and used the Dashing Santa bath bomb from Lush while catching up on some Zoella vlogs. I then did a little beauty routine ready for tomorrow, I fake tanned and did a proper skin care routine to try and get my skin looking some what presentable. After that I put on my new Christmas Eve pjs, fed the bunnies and then fed myself. Every Christmas Eve we have a buffet type tea and finished it off with a jaffa orange with sugar cubes in! I don't know if anyone else used to eat these but every Christmas when I was younger we had them and they're so delicious! 

This evening myself, mum, dad and brother all sat down and watched Christmas with the Kranks, my brother really enjoyed it but I thought it was a bit naff! I'm now just about to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the hopefully I will be tired enough to get to sleep! That is pretty much all I wanted to share so I hope you all have a great day tomorrow and I'll speak to you soon!

23 December 2015

Christmas Count Down #3 - Lush Christmas Haul

If you know me you will know that I love Lush products, and of course when it comes to this time of year I have to buy some of their limited edition products. This year I haven't went as crazy as I could have gone as I am going to wait until boxing day and order the products when they're half price but I did think I needed some Christmasy bath bombs to use on Christmas eve!

Luxury Lush Pud: This bath bomb is in my opinion on of the best smelling Lush bath bombs there is! Every year with out fail I buy this bath bomb, not only for the smell but for the effect it has when you put it in water. The rainbow of colours that come out of it look amazing! It is such a comforting bath bomb as it includes lavender which is very soothing and calming so its perfect to include in a relaxing bath.

The Magic Of Christmas: This amazing product is literally Christmas in a bubble bar. Hold it under the tap and it will create the most lovely smelling bubbles. It is so festive as it contains cinnamon, which is such a warming scent and is perfect for cozying up on a cold night.

Cinders: Cinders is a bath bomb that actually contains popping candy! This again contains cinnamon so is perfect for cold winter nights. Its scent is a mix of hot fruit punch, orange and almond which couldn't be more appealing for this time of year!

Snow Fairy: This is probably my favourite Lush product of all time and the first ever thing I bought from Lush. It is a shower gel which I can't get enough of! I bulk buy it every year and use it everyday religiously until I've ran out. The scent is almost like candy floss but so much better and it will most definitely the best thing you'll ever smell! It contains a little bit of glitter to get you feeling extra festive! You can use it as a body wash and hair wash and the smell lingers on you for hours after, it is amazing!

Yog Nog: I'm not sure if this is a new Christmas product for this year but I've never tried it before so I thought I would see what it was like. It is apparently great for softening your skin as it contains shea butter and soya milk powder. It smells very creamy and quite like toffee, this would be nice to use when you're craving sweet things!

Golden Wonder: This bath bomb is huge and quite different to the rest of the Christmas Lush products. Its scent isn't rich and warm like the majority, instead it includes lime and orange so it will be very refreshing and uplifting. Great to use on a morning to wake you up, and the gold glitter will make your skin look extra glowy.

Dashing Santa: Another classic Lush Christmas product, dashing santa is a bath fizz and smells quite similar to golden wonder as it also includes orange and lime.

Father Christmas: I love this bath bomb not only for the fact that it is of santas face but also for what colour it is inside. When you put it in your bath it turns your water green which you would never imagine when you look at it. This smells like candy floss and is quite similar to my favourite snow fairy.

Have you picked up any lush Christmas products yet? Which are your favourite?

22 December 2015

Christmas Count Down #4 - Christmas Nail Art

If you have followed my blog for years then you will know that I used to do loads of nail art and always have my nails painted. But now since I work with animals I'm not supposed to wear nail varnish because of the possible toxins in it if they ingest it. I haven't worn nail varnish for months never mind done nail art, today I tried to do some snowflake nail art and failed miserably! I was planning to do a tutorial but I'm now so bad at nail art it would be a total fail! I've just done a really simple glitter fade but its still not as good as I would like! (I'm such a perfectionist) and I didn't think there was much point doing a tutorial since its really easy to do. I used the new Barry M daylight curing polish in 'do it like a nude' which I wrote a post about here. I also just put a clear nail polish on at the tops of my nails and used a little brush to dab on the glitter.

I thought I'd just share some of the amazing Christmas nail art that I've seen for those of you who are much better at it than I am! The designs I've picked aren't your 'traditional' Christmas nail art designs as I am not too keen on the cutesie Santa type designs any more. All of these photos were found on Pinterest, I've pinned all of them so you can find the original source there if you wish.


21 December 2015

Christmas Count Down #5 - 3 Festive Hot Chocolate Recipes

The only hot drink I will drink is hot chocolate, I love almost any flavour so I thought I'd share my three favourite festive flavours with you! 

The first one is an orange hot chocolate, last year Costa did the most delicious orange hot chocolate but they haven't brought it back this year and I'm heart broken! In my December Vegan box I got sent a Choc Shot in the orange flavour, you can use it on almost anything! In hot chocolate, on your breakfast and even when you're baking. I also have the coconut choc shot which I use in milk shakes and its so nice! All you need for this orange hot chocolate is the choc shot and a milk of your choice.

Measure out your milk in your cup and pore it into a pan
Heat the milk on a medium to low heat until it starts to get hot
Add in 3-5 teaspoons of the choc shot and stir in until your milk begins to froth
Pour into your cup and enjoy!

The second hot chocolate is peppermint flavour. This is so delicious and the most festive in my opinion especially if you add candy canes.

Measure out your milk in your cup and pore it into a pan
Heat the milk on a medium to low heat until it starts to get hot
Add in 4 teaspoons of your hot chocolate mix and 1/2 a tea spoon of peppermint and stir in until your milk begins to froth
Pour into your cup and enjoy!
If you add a candy cane in and stir your hot chocolate with it, it makes it taste even more delicious!

The next flavour is salted caramel, I was able to find a salted caramel flavouring but if you can't find that you can just use normal caramel flavouring and add a pinch of salt.

Measure out your milk in your cup and pore it into a pan
Heat the milk on a medium to low heat until it starts to get hot
Add in 4 teaspoons of your hot chocolate mix and 1 tea spoon of salted caramel and stir in until your milk begins to froth
Pour into your cup and enjoy!

After that you can decorate your hot chocolate how ever you like. I added some soy whipped cream and got a few different sprinkle type things to put on top. Everything apart from the mini candy canes are from Sainsburys, the mini candy canes are from ASDA.


20 December 2015

Christmas Count Down #6 - Festive Bunny Photos

Almost every Christmas I dress my bunnies up and try to take photos of them, as much as they don't cooperate I always manage to get the cutest photos! This year I was inspired by Zoella to plonk them on a table in front of the Christmas tree for a cute background and take photos from there. I set up a little table in front of our garden room tree, put a Christmas throw over the table and sat them on it. I had my camera on a tripod to make life easier and had a lot of treats at hand.

I started with Pepper and tried to put a Christmas tree hat on her that I got from Pets at Home last year, she immediately threw it off her head. It is not like a hat that could fit over her ears and it didn't really look right with the elastic around. I tried a few of the hats I have for them and found the most perfect mini santa hat that just fit over her tiny ears. I then had to keep popping her back to her 'good side', as at the moment she has runny eyes and is on medication for them so her right eye has lost its fur and I didn't want her sore eye in the photo! I had to bribe her with treats to keep her occupied while I snapped a quick photo, here are the ones I managed to get.

These photos are too cool toned for my liking but I couldn't keep her there for too long to change the settings on my camera or anything and I was rapidly running out of day light so I just had to go with it! I changed the blanket that was on the table and it made the next photos a lot warmer which I love but I didn't get many of them as she was getting frustrated with me by then!

I let Pepper go and then tried with Poppy. Poppy is my bunny who has E. Cuniculi which has affected her back legs and she is very weak on them. Despite this she would not sit still! I had to use two tables for her photos but she just kept turning around and facing side ways! She is a beautiful bunny but will never sit still for one second! I tried my best and tried to give her treats but she was having none of it! Here are the few I got of Poppy,

I then tried to get a photo of Poppy and Pepper together but they were not in the mood for socialising, I had to quickly plonk Pepper next to Poppy and snap a photo before they both went their separate ways! Poppy and Pepper are not bonded as they each had their own bonded friends but sadly they both passed away this year leaving Poppy and Pepper to be on their own. I am conflicted about trying to bond them properly due to Poppys hind leg weakness but I will have to see how things go.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as I literally think they're the cutest things I've ever seen!

19 December 2015

Christmas Count Down #7 - Favourite Festive Films

One of the reasons I love this time of year is because a lot of my favourite youtubers do vlogmas. I attempted it a few years a go when I made youtube videos but since I don't have to time to make videos anymore I thought I'd do a sort of 'blogmas' type idea. I know I am like two weeks late but I've just finished uni for Christmas and want to do some more blogging. I'm starting from when schools and colleges break up for Christmas and I'm going to do a Christmas and New Years count down with a post everyday relating to the two. I'm so excited for this and just hope I have time to fit it all in since I'm working all over the holidays and should be revising for January exams, but with the right planning I'm sure I'll manage!

Todays post is about my favourite festive films. Not all of these films are related to Christmas they just always seem to be on the TV at this time of year and remind me of the Christmas holidays. Here are my top picks, The Santa Clause, Elf, A Christmas Carol, Charile and The Chocolate Factory, Death Becomes Her, The Holiday, Love Actually, Narnia & The Polar Express.

What are you favourite movies to watch at this time of year?

18 December 2015

Barry M - Sunset Daylight Curing Gel Nail Paint

Barry M have always been one of my favourite nail polish companies and when ever they bring out a new collection I most likely will buy it. I'm a bit late on the bandwagon this time but a few weeks ago I came across their sunset daylight curing polishes. These are like a cross between a normal nail polish and a gel polish and the fact that they had 'sunset' in the name drew me in because I love a good sunset! These have nothing to do with the sunset but I think its a cute name! Unlike a proper gel polish they do not need a UV light to set, instead you just need the daylight curing top coat. You can only use the daylight curing nail polish and top coat together, one with out the other just won't be as effective. They dry with in 1 minute and the shine is incredible, they mimic gel nails so well! I used to be able to prevent my nails chipping for about a week and a half, but since I work with animals now and I'm always using my hands I can only get it to last about 2 days at the most. I have had the red colour on since Tuesday this week and they are yet to chip! This honestly says a lot about the wearing power of these nail paints as my hands go through quite the battle at work and I am constantly snapping my nails. I am growing my nails out for Christmas and I think if I hadn't had this nail paint on I would have snapped at least a thumb nail by now! The formula is really nice and thick it glides on your nails smoothly and the brush is a lovely shape which makes it easier to cover your whole nail. I think Barry M have cracked it with the gel like formula as when I have it on my nails feel stronger.

These are such an affordable alternative to getting a professional gel manicure and for only £4.99 they're so worth it!

15 December 2015

Getting Festive

I absolutely love this time of year, I love the decorations and lights, everyones vlogmas and just the overall cosiness of it all! My house is all decorated and looks amazing, I've decorated my bedroom, my bunnies shed and their hutches! I've went totally overboard but its all good! Theres no real purpose to this blog post I just wanted to share a few festive photos with you all!

This is the garden room in my house, my mum and I decorated it and I absolutely love how it looks! For the past two years we've stuck to a 'woodland creatures' theme and I think it looks so cute. Our tree is huge and I love every single decoration that is hanging on it. My favourites are included in the photos below.

I've tried to make my room look as festive as possible but its hard to do since all my furniture is white and very French. I've just added little ornaments and things around but I feel like I want to get some more as its not as Christmasy as I would like! I've put up a little tree in my room and put on my Christmas bedding. Even if you don't want to decorate your room in christmas things you can just put on Christmas themed bedding and your room is instantly festive! I've put this bedding on from ASDA, its not your typical Christmas bedding but I love it. I usually get my Christmas bedding from Primark but their choice this year was rubbish! I always have loads of cushions on my bed and I obviously had to have some Christmas themed ones! From left to right, the red snow globe squirrel is from Next, the white deer is from IKEA, the gold stag is from BHS, the red deer is from Primark (old) and the fox is from Tesco. The throw is from Primark last year. I've also got some Christmas bunting on my wall which was from Next last year.

I've went all out this year and even decorated my bunnies shed with Christmas decorations! I've put up fairy lights on the outside which I have wanted to do for a while so I'm just going to keep them up all year round I think. Inside I've hung up loads of Pets at Home Christmas toys, I got far too many last year and didn't give them all of them so I've used them as decorations on the outside, as they don't use them as toys. I've put little fairy lights along the top of their hutches as well it just looks so cute in there! I've also put up an advent calendar for them as the ones you can get for small animals from Pets at Home are not good for bunnies as they contain egg and dairy which is a no go for bunnies! I got it from Fenwick and put treats in all of the little buckets and wrapped them in tin foil to keep them fresh! I spent way too much on the Merry Christmas banner as I couldn't find a paper one but it was so totally worth it!

I've put my Christmas phone case on that I got last year because its sooo cute, but I keep having to take it off to put my portable charger on as my phone battery is totally broke, I must get that fixed because its so annoying having to have this bulky charger on it all of the time!

The phone case is from Sighh Designs run by a girl called Polly, she is an illustrator and sells beautiful stationary and accessories. I was wanting to get her new Christmas phone case design this year but is drawings of Christmas food and has a turkey and pigs in blankets on which is no good for me since I'm a vegetarian! It is still so cute though, heres a link to it if you would like to buy it.

Now for the most amazing photos you'll probably see all day. I of course at any opportunity I get just have to dress my bunnies up and take photos of them! I wanted to take these photos weeks ago but I just don't have any time for anything because of uni and the lack of daylight which is so annoying! I managed to squeeze in a little photo shoot with them even though they were so unimpressed! But omg just look at them!! They're the cutest!

I hope you've enjoyed this post and got into the Christmas spirit! I would love to see other peoples holiday decorations so if you've done a post similar or anything please let me know!

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