20 November 2015

Bunny Blues

I have been so busy lately, doing uni work, christmas shopping, watching Once Upon a Time and a whole lot of procrastination. Whenever I think about blogging it is too late in the day to take photos as the light has gone. I can only take photos when I'm at home, as the lighting in my uni room is horrendous! I'm so annoyed with myself for not being more organised as I really wanted to start posting a blog post at least once a week and I have again failed at that! Life has just got in the way which it always does when it comes to me blogging, but recently one major event totally through me off course.

On the 26th of October one of my bunnies Peaches passed away. The evening before she was totally not herself and by the morning she just looked so tired and wouldn't move, my mum took her to the vets as I was at work, and the vet kept her in all day. Our vet kept checking on her every so often and then had her out in the consultation room and Peaches was hopping about a little bit, but then she just flopped over and passed away. It was all so totally bizzar as Peaches was the healthiest of all of my bunnies, she never needed to go to the vet and she was only 4 years old. That evening another extremely strange thing happened, Salt my precious little boy started to show the same signs as Peaches had. We took him to the vet the next day and the same thing happened. He seemed to be worse than Peaches and his temperature just kept dropping until he had to be put to sleep as there was no chance of him recovering. He was only 2 and full of life just two days before, it is an utter mystery. Our vet thinks that they might have caught the new strain of Rabbit Viral Haemorrhage Disease that is going round and is not covered in the current vaccine.

I am still absolutely heart broken and shocked, I will be for a while, I could cry every time I think about it. I was expecting them to live until they were at least 10 years old! They were so healthy and I've looked after them to the best of my abilities, they were always vaccinated on time and everything. I never thought something like this could happen ever happen to them!

But now I just need to focus on my two remaining bunnies, Poppy and Pepper as they both lost their friend and will be grieving along with me. Even if I wanted to I wouldn't try to bond Poppy and Pepper as if it was this virus it is contagious and we don't have the results of the tissue samples yet, I don't want to risk anything by letting them be together until I know what actually happened to Peaches and Salt. The last time Poppy and Pepper met, Poppy attacked Pepper so I don't think I'd try to reintroduce them, but they're now on their own and I don't want them getting lonely but I also don't think I could bring myself to get any more bunnies at the moment. It wouldn't be fair to bring more bunnies into my house if this disease is floating around, ahh I don't know. I ideally want to wait until I have finished university if I was to get more bunnies but I will have to see how they go.

Over half term I was working at the Wildlife Sanctuary, I always have the best time there, I want to have my own animal sanctuary in the future and rescue lots of farm animals and bunnies and everything in-between! I absolutely love working in a farm environment,  being constantly pestered by naughty goats and even cleaning horses stables out is strangely satisfying for me! I took my new camera one day and managed to capture some photos of some of the foxes, I am well impressed with myself for these!

I love Halloween but I never really do anything for it apart from carve a pumpkin! This year I was at work the next morning so I couldn't dress up and go out with my friends, so instead I baked halloween cupcakes, carved a pumpkin and watched The Addams Family which I probably would have preferred more than going out! I also dressed Pepper up in a little halloween outfit which still makes me die of cuteness overload whenever I look at the photos!

On Bonfire Night my friend came to York where I am at university and we went to a bonfire and firework display. It was so good and the fireworks were amazing, I have never done anything for bonfire night in years and to actually go out to a firework show was nice.

This probably was quite a pointless post but I am trying to turn my blog into a more of a lifestyle blog, so it kind of fits in with that theme! I hope you've enjoyed the few photos of the past few weeks and I hope to post more soon if I can get my act together!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your two bunnies, that's so sad.



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