26 December 2015

2016 Count Down #7 - Spending My Christmas Money

I feel like such a child right now because I got some money for Christmas and it is burning a major hole in my pocket! Here are some of the things I might just spend it on!

Beauty Blender - Recently I have been applying my foundation with a make up sponge like the Beauty Blenders and I love the finish it gives! Mine is from Models Own and is a bit past its best so I am wanting to get one of the 'originals'. I am definitely going to get the mini green ones as they will be great for concealer. I also want a large one for my foundation but I don't really know the difference between each colour. I think they all range in softness, I will have to look into that. I am also considering getting one of their blotting sponges which you use to blot excess oil throughout the day but I'm not sure if I would remember to use it!

Dublin River Boots - I have had this web page open on my laptop since the summer and never bit the bullet and bought them. I've wanted some boots like this for over a year but I wanted to try and find cheaper ones to the Dubarry ones and found these for half the price. I have no idea why I haven't purchased them yet, maybe now is the time!

Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade - I've been putting off purchasing this until I have used up my current eyebrow product and its almost finished so now is the time to get this much hyped about product! I just can't figure out what shade to get!

Anastasia Cream Contour Kit - I feel like this contour kit would change my face and life and is 100% needed!

Le Chameau Wellies - I see students at uni wear these all of the time and they look so good! I need some new wellies as mine squeak with every step I take and are totally battered. I need them for when I work at the sanctuary but I don't know if I could bear to get them dirty as they're so beautiful!

Schoffel Fleece - Another thing I see all of the time at uni! I love wearing fleeces, as old ladyish as that is, they're just so comfy and warm! I am in a dilemma about this fleece though as its quite expensive for what it is but it looks so nice I don't know what to do!

Zara Parka - I spotted this coat in store a few weeks ago but the size I wanted had marks all over so I was just going to buy it online but never got round to it. Luckily I waited and its now in the sale.

Anastasia Illuminator - Highlighters are a favourite make up product of mine and I'd love to try this Anastasia one it looks so gorgeous!

Sigma Brush Cleaning Matt - I rarely wash my make up brushes and I know that is so bad and it grosses me out so much but I feel like if I get myself a brush cleaning matt I will clean them a lot more frequently! This sigma brush cleaner is smaller than the original but will be perfect for what I need as I don't have that many brushes to wash on a regular basis. It fits into your sink and instead of using your hand it gives your brushes a much better clean.

Too Faced Born This Way - Another thing I've been wanting for a while but because I don't have a clue what colour I'd be, I haven't bought it. I know you can go online and find a website that matches your current foundation to others so you know what shade to buy, but the problem is that the foundation I currently wear isn't the right shade for me so I'm in a right dilemma!

Sigma Dry'n Shape - This is to go with the cleaning matt and this brush holder is such a better and more hygienic way of drying your make up brushes.

Jack Wills Hoodie - Yet another thing I've wanted for a little while and I've just bought it as it was in the sale. I love the colour of this hoodie it is like a dusty lilac, its gorgeous! I don't really like wearing hoodies but when I'm at uni thats all I ever feel like wearing. I'm very particular with the types of hoodies I do like to wear but Jack Wills hoodies are always lovely.

So that was my little wish list of things I might just buy with my Christmas money, have you spotted anything in the sales you'd like to buy? I would love to know!

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