18 December 2015

Barry M - Sunset Daylight Curing Gel Nail Paint

Barry M have always been one of my favourite nail polish companies and when ever they bring out a new collection I most likely will buy it. I'm a bit late on the bandwagon this time but a few weeks ago I came across their sunset daylight curing polishes. These are like a cross between a normal nail polish and a gel polish and the fact that they had 'sunset' in the name drew me in because I love a good sunset! These have nothing to do with the sunset but I think its a cute name! Unlike a proper gel polish they do not need a UV light to set, instead you just need the daylight curing top coat. You can only use the daylight curing nail polish and top coat together, one with out the other just won't be as effective. They dry with in 1 minute and the shine is incredible, they mimic gel nails so well! I used to be able to prevent my nails chipping for about a week and a half, but since I work with animals now and I'm always using my hands I can only get it to last about 2 days at the most. I have had the red colour on since Tuesday this week and they are yet to chip! This honestly says a lot about the wearing power of these nail paints as my hands go through quite the battle at work and I am constantly snapping my nails. I am growing my nails out for Christmas and I think if I hadn't had this nail paint on I would have snapped at least a thumb nail by now! The formula is really nice and thick it glides on your nails smoothly and the brush is a lovely shape which makes it easier to cover your whole nail. I think Barry M have cracked it with the gel like formula as when I have it on my nails feel stronger.

These are such an affordable alternative to getting a professional gel manicure and for only £4.99 they're so worth it!

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  1. I haven't tried any of the Sunset range but I definitely want to try them if they don't chip! The nude colour is lovely too :)

    Caz | thisiscaz



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