24 December 2015

Christmas Count Down #2 - Christmas Eve Chat

Merry Christmas Eve guys! I actually can't believe how quickly December has gone! I don't feel like I've done anything particularly festive this year due to uni work, ill grandparents and everything in-between. Although this year I am surprisingly organised when it comes to gifts, I usually will be wrapping peoples presents last minute right before I go to bed, but this year I've got them all done and today I was able to chill!

This morning I continued to tidy my room, I had started to tidy it a few days ago but never finished it, so I've just tidied it all ready for Santa! When I was younger my parents would always make us tidy our room for Christmas day or Santa wouldn't deliver us any presents! My room has been an absolute tip since September so it is nice to actually be able to see the floor! As well as tidying my room I had to tidy my bunnies houses! I cleaned them out as they were due it anyway but I've also gave them some of their Christmas presents early so they could play with them while I was pre-occupied for the rest of the day. As strange as it may sound I love cleaning my rabbits houses out, it's so satisfying for me when it's all tidy and clean but I also just love spending time in the shed, organising and talking to them.

I then had a my traditional Christmas Eve bath and used the Dashing Santa bath bomb from Lush while catching up on some Zoella vlogs. I then did a little beauty routine ready for tomorrow, I fake tanned and did a proper skin care routine to try and get my skin looking some what presentable. After that I put on my new Christmas Eve pjs, fed the bunnies and then fed myself. Every Christmas Eve we have a buffet type tea and finished it off with a jaffa orange with sugar cubes in! I don't know if anyone else used to eat these but every Christmas when I was younger we had them and they're so delicious! 

This evening myself, mum, dad and brother all sat down and watched Christmas with the Kranks, my brother really enjoyed it but I thought it was a bit naff! I'm now just about to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the hopefully I will be tired enough to get to sleep! That is pretty much all I wanted to share so I hope you all have a great day tomorrow and I'll speak to you soon!

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