23 December 2015

Christmas Count Down #3 - Lush Christmas Haul

If you know me you will know that I love Lush products, and of course when it comes to this time of year I have to buy some of their limited edition products. This year I haven't went as crazy as I could have gone as I am going to wait until boxing day and order the products when they're half price but I did think I needed some Christmasy bath bombs to use on Christmas eve!

Luxury Lush Pud: This bath bomb is in my opinion on of the best smelling Lush bath bombs there is! Every year with out fail I buy this bath bomb, not only for the smell but for the effect it has when you put it in water. The rainbow of colours that come out of it look amazing! It is such a comforting bath bomb as it includes lavender which is very soothing and calming so its perfect to include in a relaxing bath.

The Magic Of Christmas: This amazing product is literally Christmas in a bubble bar. Hold it under the tap and it will create the most lovely smelling bubbles. It is so festive as it contains cinnamon, which is such a warming scent and is perfect for cozying up on a cold night.

Cinders: Cinders is a bath bomb that actually contains popping candy! This again contains cinnamon so is perfect for cold winter nights. Its scent is a mix of hot fruit punch, orange and almond which couldn't be more appealing for this time of year!

Snow Fairy: This is probably my favourite Lush product of all time and the first ever thing I bought from Lush. It is a shower gel which I can't get enough of! I bulk buy it every year and use it everyday religiously until I've ran out. The scent is almost like candy floss but so much better and it will most definitely the best thing you'll ever smell! It contains a little bit of glitter to get you feeling extra festive! You can use it as a body wash and hair wash and the smell lingers on you for hours after, it is amazing!

Yog Nog: I'm not sure if this is a new Christmas product for this year but I've never tried it before so I thought I would see what it was like. It is apparently great for softening your skin as it contains shea butter and soya milk powder. It smells very creamy and quite like toffee, this would be nice to use when you're craving sweet things!

Golden Wonder: This bath bomb is huge and quite different to the rest of the Christmas Lush products. Its scent isn't rich and warm like the majority, instead it includes lime and orange so it will be very refreshing and uplifting. Great to use on a morning to wake you up, and the gold glitter will make your skin look extra glowy.

Dashing Santa: Another classic Lush Christmas product, dashing santa is a bath fizz and smells quite similar to golden wonder as it also includes orange and lime.

Father Christmas: I love this bath bomb not only for the fact that it is of santas face but also for what colour it is inside. When you put it in your bath it turns your water green which you would never imagine when you look at it. This smells like candy floss and is quite similar to my favourite snow fairy.

Have you picked up any lush Christmas products yet? Which are your favourite?

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