20 December 2015

Christmas Count Down #6 - Festive Bunny Photos

Almost every Christmas I dress my bunnies up and try to take photos of them, as much as they don't cooperate I always manage to get the cutest photos! This year I was inspired by Zoella to plonk them on a table in front of the Christmas tree for a cute background and take photos from there. I set up a little table in front of our garden room tree, put a Christmas throw over the table and sat them on it. I had my camera on a tripod to make life easier and had a lot of treats at hand.

I started with Pepper and tried to put a Christmas tree hat on her that I got from Pets at Home last year, she immediately threw it off her head. It is not like a hat that could fit over her ears and it didn't really look right with the elastic around. I tried a few of the hats I have for them and found the most perfect mini santa hat that just fit over her tiny ears. I then had to keep popping her back to her 'good side', as at the moment she has runny eyes and is on medication for them so her right eye has lost its fur and I didn't want her sore eye in the photo! I had to bribe her with treats to keep her occupied while I snapped a quick photo, here are the ones I managed to get.

These photos are too cool toned for my liking but I couldn't keep her there for too long to change the settings on my camera or anything and I was rapidly running out of day light so I just had to go with it! I changed the blanket that was on the table and it made the next photos a lot warmer which I love but I didn't get many of them as she was getting frustrated with me by then!

I let Pepper go and then tried with Poppy. Poppy is my bunny who has E. Cuniculi which has affected her back legs and she is very weak on them. Despite this she would not sit still! I had to use two tables for her photos but she just kept turning around and facing side ways! She is a beautiful bunny but will never sit still for one second! I tried my best and tried to give her treats but she was having none of it! Here are the few I got of Poppy,

I then tried to get a photo of Poppy and Pepper together but they were not in the mood for socialising, I had to quickly plonk Pepper next to Poppy and snap a photo before they both went their separate ways! Poppy and Pepper are not bonded as they each had their own bonded friends but sadly they both passed away this year leaving Poppy and Pepper to be on their own. I am conflicted about trying to bond them properly due to Poppys hind leg weakness but I will have to see how things go.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as I literally think they're the cutest things I've ever seen!

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