19 December 2015

Christmas Count Down #7 - Favourite Festive Films

One of the reasons I love this time of year is because a lot of my favourite youtubers do vlogmas. I attempted it a few years a go when I made youtube videos but since I don't have to time to make videos anymore I thought I'd do a sort of 'blogmas' type idea. I know I am like two weeks late but I've just finished uni for Christmas and want to do some more blogging. I'm starting from when schools and colleges break up for Christmas and I'm going to do a Christmas and New Years count down with a post everyday relating to the two. I'm so excited for this and just hope I have time to fit it all in since I'm working all over the holidays and should be revising for January exams, but with the right planning I'm sure I'll manage!

Todays post is about my favourite festive films. Not all of these films are related to Christmas they just always seem to be on the TV at this time of year and remind me of the Christmas holidays. Here are my top picks, The Santa Clause, Elf, A Christmas Carol, Charile and The Chocolate Factory, Death Becomes Her, The Holiday, Love Actually, Narnia & The Polar Express.

What are you favourite movies to watch at this time of year?

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