15 December 2015

Getting Festive

I absolutely love this time of year, I love the decorations and lights, everyones vlogmas and just the overall cosiness of it all! My house is all decorated and looks amazing, I've decorated my bedroom, my bunnies shed and their hutches! I've went totally overboard but its all good! Theres no real purpose to this blog post I just wanted to share a few festive photos with you all!

This is the garden room in my house, my mum and I decorated it and I absolutely love how it looks! For the past two years we've stuck to a 'woodland creatures' theme and I think it looks so cute. Our tree is huge and I love every single decoration that is hanging on it. My favourites are included in the photos below.

I've tried to make my room look as festive as possible but its hard to do since all my furniture is white and very French. I've just added little ornaments and things around but I feel like I want to get some more as its not as Christmasy as I would like! I've put up a little tree in my room and put on my Christmas bedding. Even if you don't want to decorate your room in christmas things you can just put on Christmas themed bedding and your room is instantly festive! I've put this bedding on from ASDA, its not your typical Christmas bedding but I love it. I usually get my Christmas bedding from Primark but their choice this year was rubbish! I always have loads of cushions on my bed and I obviously had to have some Christmas themed ones! From left to right, the red snow globe squirrel is from Next, the white deer is from IKEA, the gold stag is from BHS, the red deer is from Primark (old) and the fox is from Tesco. The throw is from Primark last year. I've also got some Christmas bunting on my wall which was from Next last year.

I've went all out this year and even decorated my bunnies shed with Christmas decorations! I've put up fairy lights on the outside which I have wanted to do for a while so I'm just going to keep them up all year round I think. Inside I've hung up loads of Pets at Home Christmas toys, I got far too many last year and didn't give them all of them so I've used them as decorations on the outside, as they don't use them as toys. I've put little fairy lights along the top of their hutches as well it just looks so cute in there! I've also put up an advent calendar for them as the ones you can get for small animals from Pets at Home are not good for bunnies as they contain egg and dairy which is a no go for bunnies! I got it from Fenwick and put treats in all of the little buckets and wrapped them in tin foil to keep them fresh! I spent way too much on the Merry Christmas banner as I couldn't find a paper one but it was so totally worth it!

I've put my Christmas phone case on that I got last year because its sooo cute, but I keep having to take it off to put my portable charger on as my phone battery is totally broke, I must get that fixed because its so annoying having to have this bulky charger on it all of the time!

The phone case is from Sighh Designs run by a girl called Polly, she is an illustrator and sells beautiful stationary and accessories. I was wanting to get her new Christmas phone case design this year but is drawings of Christmas food and has a turkey and pigs in blankets on which is no good for me since I'm a vegetarian! It is still so cute though, heres a link to it if you would like to buy it.

Now for the most amazing photos you'll probably see all day. I of course at any opportunity I get just have to dress my bunnies up and take photos of them! I wanted to take these photos weeks ago but I just don't have any time for anything because of uni and the lack of daylight which is so annoying! I managed to squeeze in a little photo shoot with them even though they were so unimpressed! But omg just look at them!! They're the cutest!

I hope you've enjoyed this post and got into the Christmas spirit! I would love to see other peoples holiday decorations so if you've done a post similar or anything please let me know!

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