28 December 2016


I wanted to write this post purely for my own memories as I started writing a post similar to this last year which I never finished, and I regret that. So I'm just going to talk through month by month a brief description of what happened in that month for me, and hopefully it will be interesting for you all to read as well!

26 December 2016


I feel like these three nail polishes totally represent New Years Eve! Gorgeous glitter and sparkles, I just cant get enough of these festive shades. As much as I hate removing glitter nail polish these shades make it so worth the hassle!

23 December 2016


I posted a Christmas room tour video on my youtube channel which you can watch here, and I just wanted to share a few photos of my Christmasy room in this blog post with you all because I think it looks really cute and just for my own memories really.

21 December 2016


Hot chocolates are my favourite drink to warm up with in the winter. There are so many different varieties you can create to mix them up and make them a bit more interesting. I've made a youtube video which shows you how to make all of the hot chocolates which you can watch here. In this blog post I have included all of the ingredients and recipes incase you want to give them a try. I am vegan so I made my hot chocolates vegan, but these recipes can all be adapted and made non vegan if you want.


14 December 2016


In today’s post I’m sharing my favourite nail polishes that I like to wear around the festive period. The majority of these nail polishes are glittery but I feel like this is the best time of the year to wear glitter, on everything!

9 December 2016


If you know me or have followed my blog for a little while you will know that I have two rabbits, as they're all I ever talk about. But you may also know that with every holiday or occasion I dress them up and take themed photos of them. This Christmas is no different, as always I set up a little Christmas background and plopped them down and took some photos, much to their disgust. In the blog post I did at Halloween with them, I have explained in more detail how to take these types of photos and ensuring you minimise stress levels for your pets, you can read that here. Today I just wanted to share these photos with you all and spread some furry festive cheer!

30 November 2016


I can not believe tomorrow is the first of December, I am excited for christmas but I'm scared as before we know it, it will be 2017!! As always with the end of a month comes my monthly favourites, keep reading to see what things I've been loving in the month of November.

25 November 2016


My mum bought some toffee apple cookies from Tesco and they smelt delicious but they weren't vegan of course so I thought that I would make some of my own that were. These are so easy to make, taste amazing and are really festive!

23 November 2016


Today I thought it would be interesting to show you all what equipment I use to blog with. Before you read this post, please know that you do not need all of this to blog or make videos, you can do both of those things just with your phone! I have collected a lot of these things over years as they are expensive so don’t feel like you need to go out and buy all this equipment to get started because you really don’t, just work with what you’ve got.

18 November 2016


Have a relaxing bath - Taking a bath rather than a shower is always a luxury for me, since I'm at uni for most of the week I take any chance I can get when I'm home to have a few hours to my self to relax. I cant not use a lush bath bomb in my baths, they're just so fun and smell so good! I also prop my iPad carefully up on the side of the bath and watch a bit of Netflix while I chill.

16 November 2016


As soon as I saw this palette in Boots I instantly fell in love! To me this is the most perfect shimmer eyeshadow palette, warm toned golds and oranges are my favourite eyeshadow colours! When I first saw it, it reminded me of their solstice highlighter palette, which I have and use almost every time I do my make up, so it was a no brainer as to whether I should purchace it.


11 November 2016


It's at this time of year where we all seem to whip out the deep dark burgundy's, maroon's and plum colours in every aspect of life! Whether it's lipstick, clothing or nail polish these colours always seem to make an appearance. I have only really experimented with my clothing and nail polish in these colours in the past, but I have a couple of gorgeous lipsticks that I am desperate to try out this season. In this blog post I am going to share my favourites and how you can incorporate these festive colours into your November style.

4 November 2016


Another themed cupcake post coming your way! This time I’ve created cupcakes that look like mini bonfires! I got inspiration from a photo I saw on Pinterest of a cupcake decorated to look like a fire and thought it would be perfect for bonfire night. I don’t have any plans for this bonfire night, but staying in and eating these cupcakes sounds like a good plan to me!

2 November 2016


I can believe another month has passed and it's already November! Before we know it, it will be Christmas Day! With another month gone comes a monthly favourites post, and like always I don't have many favourites to share but the ones I am sharing I am absolutely obsessed with!


26 October 2016


I've been doing so much baking recently and since its the season for it I just had to try something pumpkin flavoured! So I made these pumpkin flavoured cupcakes and decorated them with cute mini fondant pumpkins, they're completely vegan and taste delicious!

21 October 2016


Every occasion or holiday, without fail I do some sort of photoshoot with my bunnies and this year is no different. I've done a halloween photoshoot with my rabbits Pepper and Hector and I just had to share the photos with you all as they're the cutest things ever! Pepper the tiny bunny is usually the well behaved one out of the two but today she was not cooperating and just wouldn't sit still! Hector my naughty boy was actually a perfect model today, posing and being extremely cute!

19 October 2016


If you have read my previous few posts all relating to autumn you will know how much I love this season so I don’t need to say it again, but I do have a delicious autumn themed post to share with you today! I found some inspiration on Pinterest to make autumn themed cupcakes and they’re literally the best tasting cupcakes I’ve ever had! The actual cupcakes are cinnamon flavoured and I used some light muscovado cane sugar as well as caster sugar and it has made them taste so sweet, the sugar really brings out the flavour of the cinnamon!

14 October 2016


Autumn is my favourite season for fashion, I'm not at all fashionable these days, all I care about is comfort. I only ever wear jeans and a top but I like to try to make some effort with my outfits and add on accessories to spice it up a bit! In this blog post I'm sharing my favourite autumn style accessories which I think would fit in with any particular style.

12 October 2016


I have only bought cruelty free products for years now and I recently had a clear out of my makeup collection to get rid of all the non cruelty free items that were still in there. I didn’t have many as I had got rid of the majority of non cruelty free products years ago but I still had some that I was hanging onto just to use up the last of. Over the summer I just had a massive clear out of everything in my room, downsizing on everything and getting rid of so much junk that I didn’t need or use. I now have a manageable sized makeup collection and every product in there is cruelty free which I feel so good about! I have done a youtube video on my makeup collection which you can watch here. In that video I was still holding onto a few benefit products but I’ve since got rid of them too. Along with everything else I was sorting out I had a good clear out of my makeup brushes, I had so many that I hardly ever used so I’ve given them away or binned the tatty ones. I had a few brushes from MAC that I probably had since I was about 15 which are made of real animal fur, so I gave them away as well to make my makeup brush collection completely cruelty free too!


7 October 2016


As much as I love summer and exploring different tropical paradises, I have to admit that Autumn is my favourite season. My favourite colours are associated with this season, orange, olive, maroon and burgundy. Anything to do with Autumn I love, Halloween, wrapping up warm, getting cozy with hot chocolate, I just can't get enough of it! From the first of September I was starting to switch up my room decor and adding little pieces of orange and cozy touches to get me in the festive mood! I have made a autumn room tour video and it is up on my youtube channel here, so if you like the look of my room you can get more information as to where everything is from in that video. But today I wanted to share some of the new touches I have included in my room to make it more cozy and autumnal.

5 October 2016


If you haven’t heard about the brand Coconut Lane before, please let me introduce you! Coconut-Lane is a company that sell all sorts of beautiful accessories from phone cases, laptop cases and jewellery, to socks and wall art! All of their designs are gorgeous and on trend, they have so many marble designs in loads of different colours its really difficult to choose which design to purchase, hence why my wish list is so large!

30 September 2016


Another month has gone which means another monthly favourites post! This month I don't really have many favourites but I thought I'd still share the few I do have with you.


28 September 2016


I am 2 weeks into my second year of university and my first year wasn't how I expected it to be, it had its ups and downs but I made it through and even got a 2:1! In todays blog post I want to share some tips that I think will really help anyone about to go into their first year of uni this September.


23 September 2016


I get so excited at this time of the year when Lush are starting to bring out their festive products. I have probably tried all of Lush’s bath bombs that they have ever sold and it's always exciting to try the new ones that they bring out for Halloween and Christmas. This time I only bought bath bombs as I have a ridiculous amount of shower gels and soaps at home already.

21 September 2016


I'm back at uni now which is why I haven't been posting as much as I would have liked but I'm just getting settled and organised for now so please bare with me! Today I just wanted to show you what's in my bag that I take to lectures. I always find these types of blog posts and youtube videos interesting so I thought I'd share mine with you all too!

16 September 2016


I have recently got a kitchenaid mixer after wanting one for years and years, since getting it I have been baking non stop! I absolutely love using it, it's so cool! This time I made some vegan biscoff cupcakes as vegan biscoff biscuits are suitable for vegans!! I saw this recipe on Becky's blog and was inspired to veganise it! Full credit goes to her for the basic recipe I have just adjusted it slightly. I have made a YouTube video showing you how to make the cupcakes from start to finish, if you would like to watch that you can here. In this blog post I am including the full list of ingredients, measurements, recipe and some photos.

14 September 2016


Autumn is my favourite time of the year, I love everything about it, the fact that I can drink hot chocolate again and that I can wear gorgeous dark nail polishes on my nails without looking like a goth! If you know me or have followed my blog for a while, you will know that I am obsessed with nail polish, I have so many different colours I could open my own salon! So today I have picked eight of my favourite autumn nail varnish colours out of my collection to share with you all.

9 September 2016


Eyebrows have always been a major love of mine and eyebrow products are the cosmetic I'm always changing to be able to achieve the perfect brow. I have been blessed with thick well shaped eyebrows and I like to enhance them and make them stand out on my face. I think I've finally cracked the perfect brows and I just recently posted a video to my youtube channel all about how I do my eyebrows currently, you can watch it here. I have tried so many brow products and today I wanted to show you some of my favourites which all create different looks. All but one product is from Soap and Glory but that is just coincidental, they just have so many different brow products and they're all so good!

2 September 2016


VOSS Water Bottle -  My first favourite is literally the strangest thing to include in a favourites post but it is the large VOSS glass water bottle. I've seen so many people with these bottles and I just think they're so cool! I was surprised at how cheap it was as well, I was expecting it to be at least £5 but it was only £2 something! I hate buying plastic water bottles as plastic is so bad for the environment and this has helped me to keep drinking water! I'm so bad at drinking water literally all I drink is diet coke and thats obviously not the best so just having a fancy bottle to drink out of really makes the difference for me!

31 August 2016


After years of wanting one my mum and I have finally bought a kitchen aid mixer like you see on the great British bake off. In light of our incredible new piece of equipment we have been baking like crazy these past few days. I love baking and since recently turning vegan I have been experimenting with different alternative ingredients, I have a few recipes that I really want to share with you all but I'm not sure if I want to write them as a blog post or create a video for YouTube. If you could let me know what you would prefer that would be much appreciated! Today I just wanted to share with you one of my favourite quick and easy recipes for a delish vegan snack!

29 August 2016


Its almost the end of August and in the UK we may as well kiss what little summer we've had goodbye and look forward to the next festive few months. I had a very long summer break of 4 months off from university! I've done everything from work, visit mexico, catch up with old friends, chill and watch endless amounts of Netflix, its been such a relaxing and well needed break. I have done quite a bit in these past few months and I have been able to capture those memories with my polaroid camera thanks to Ocean Loans*. Ocean Loans set up a summer polaroid project to help people showcase their summer in style and so kindly sent me a Fujifilm instax mini 8 camera to be able to capture my summer activities, so this is what I got up to!

24 August 2016


My favourite nail polish brand has to be Models Own, they have so many colours to choose from and for the price the quality is amazing. I went along to one of their bottle shops with the intention of only buying their new ‘Polish For Tans’ collection but ended up getting easily tempted by their 6 for £20 deal and came out with 12 polishes, so this is what I bought!

22 August 2016


Since transitioning into a fully vegan diet in May I have become more aware of natural products and I'm more concerned with what I put into and on my body. I for some reason have always swayed away from natural beauty products because I always had the idea in my head that they didn't work. I don't know where this thought came from but now I know thats ridiculous! Natural products are so much better for your health and the environment then man made chemical products. I can only really think of two brands that use mostly natural ingredients in their products, Lush and The Body Shop so its always a nice to find other brands who use not only natural but organic ingredients in their products. Nourish Beauty Box* is a monthly subscription box which delivers you three full size beauty products and a limited edition tote bag every month, which are all cruelty free and use only natural, paraben free ingredients. Included in July's box was a Seraphine Botanicals kabuki brush, Prim Botanical perfume oil and Balanced Guru facial serum.

9 August 2016


If you saw my blog post a few weeks ago about my Hollywood eyelash extensions that I got done for my holiday you will know that I was disappointed with them as my usual beautician didn't do them. I had a different person do them and she didn't do them as dramatic as I would have liked. Anyway I got over that and came across LVL lash lift by Nouveau Lashes and gave it a try for my birthday.

3 August 2016


Before I went on holiday in June I felt like I was on a roll with blog posts and YouTube videos, I was so inspired and had a huge list of content I wanted to create. I went on holiday, had the most relaxing time and ever since I've came back I've been stuck in a rut. I feel like these past few weeks have flown over and I feel like I've just been going with the flow and drifting through life! I don't really know how to describe it but ultimately I lost my motivation. I still have my list of blog post ideas and stuff but whenever I look at it I never fancy starting to create any of the ideas.

I said to myself I'd never do these types of 'life updates' posts anymore because really no one actually cares! But I feel like I can't just post a normal post without saying something about where I've been! So today I'm just going to share some photos from over the past few weeks as a bit of a filler before I get started again tomorrow, I hope you don't mind!


17 July 2016


Last week I got back from a two week holiday to Mexico and I thought before I unpack my make up, I would share with you what I brought with me in my travel make up bag. I tried to keep the amount of makeup that I brought to a minimum, I think I did quite well but to some people this amount of products may be huge, but for me its reasonable. Yes I didn’t need to bring my full Morphe 350 Nature Glow palette but it’s new and I hadn’t had the chance to use it properly and I think the colours in it are perfect for a summer holiday! You can read my review on this palette hereI only used these products on a night time when I was going out for a meal and got a little bit more dressed up, I never wear makeup during the day when I'm on holiday as it would just sweat off and thats not comfertable! Truthfully most nights I didn’t bothered to put any make up on as it was still so hot!


12 July 2016


Some of you may know already but I've just got back from a holiday to Mexico with my mum. When we first arrived at our hotel, we were offered the chance to spend two nights at one of their sister hotels for free. We were not sure if we should do it or not as we didn't quite understand why they would offer us this, but we took the chance and chose to go to the El Dorado Maroma adults only hotel. I am so pleased that we took the risk and went because the hotel was absolutely stunning. When we first arrived our cases were taken off us and stored until our room was ready. While we were checking in we were offered champagne or water and given a cold flannel to cool off with. Half way through checking in a lady from the spa came with a warm shoulder compress and put it on our shoulders which felt amazing! We were then given a tour of the stunning resort and had lunch on the beach while we waited for our room.


21 June 2016


I am going on holiday in tomorrow and whenever I go on away I always make sure that my phone is stocked up with some really good tunes! So for todays post I will be sharing some of the songs I have downloaded and that are my current favourites, that I will be listening to religiously in the next two weeks. I love tropical house music and anything that is really summery, I first discovered this genre of music about three years ago and this has been my preferred music choice ever since. Soundcloud is my go to for this type of music, these are just a minute selection of my favourites - you can follow me on my soundcloud account here although a lot of the music I listen to is on my 'likes' here.  This doesn't include the songs I'll be listening to on my Spotify which are a bit more 'main stream' like Ariana's new album etc.



18 June 2016


When I was preparing for this blog post, for a moment I got stressed thinking that the eyelashes my beautician uses were made of real mink fur! But after some research I found that the brand of lashes my salon uses (Hollywood Lashes) only use synthetic fibres which are meant to mimic the look of mink fur. If I had found out that they used real fur I would have cancelled my appointment as the method of collecting the fur is obviously not just by 'brushing the animals coat' as a lot of beauticians on the internet like to claim it is. Honestly how naive can you be to think in countries who have minimal to no animal welfare laws, on huge fur farms sit and brush aggressive mink's coats daily to collect their fur?!? I highly doubt it pal!!

So because I found out that they were synthetic I was as happy as can be and kept my appointment. I get them done at a local salon and first had them done for my summer holiday last year. I was so impressed with how they looked I wanted them again for this summer holiday. Having eyelash extensions cuts down makeup application majorly. Applying mascara is the bane of my life and with eyelash extensions you don't even need to bother! Its like permanently having false eyelashes on but you can't feel them at all! The application process takes about 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours and it is so relaxing, you just lie there with your eyes closed and you can bearly feel the beautician doing anything to you! The lashes are individual and your beautician separates your natural lashes with a tool and places the extension in the middle of two, right on the lash line. The actual eyelashes are so light, when they have all been applied you can't feel a difference at all, it just feels like your natural eyelashes, they're not heavy and do not feel uncomfortable like regular false eyelashes.


16 June 2016


There are so many DIY projects that I have spotted on Pinterest and have been wanting to try for ages, I finally have some time off from uni so I will be working through these ideas in the next few weeks and I just thought I'd share some of the ones that I'm really excited to try with you all!

If you click on the description of what the DIY is before my little comment about it, it will take you directly to the original website where you can check out how to make each DIY yourself!


11 June 2016


(Photo of my late rabbit Salt and I for a blog post I did for Lush Cosmetics cruelty free kisses campaign in 2013.)

In this day and age you would think companies would have realised that testing cosmetics on animals is completely unnecessary and extremely cruel. I first became aware of animal testing when Lush brought their 'fighting animal testing' campaign out years and years ago, and ever since I vowed to never buy products from companies that tested on animals. I admit I have had the occasional slip ups as some companies claim with misleading disclaimers that they are cruelty free when they infact aren't, but for the most part I've only bought cruelty free products since then.



My rabbit Pepper turned 4 on the 9th of June so I had a little bunny birthday party for her. I vlogged the whole thing and uploaded it to my youtube channel (which you can watch here) & I'm also going to share the photos I took in this blog post. I hope you enjoy!


5 June 2016


If you don't follow me on youtube here is the link to my channel, but I have decided to try to vlog everyday or at least post a video everyday throughout the month of June. So far I have been successful and have two vlogs up, todays video will be up at 5pm today.


1 June 2016


With out fail whenever I am in a boots store I check the Soap and Glory counter to see if they have any new products in. For a while they never did and I already had almost every product they sold! Recently they've been expanding their range and I couldn't be happier! Extreme colour correcting has been a trend for a while but I'm no way a pro when it comes to make up so I have never had the urge to try it. Soap and Glory is one of my favourite make up brands and when I saw they had brought these out I had to try them. They come in a stick type style and because of this I think it makes the whole correcting thing look easy. 


31 May 2016


Micro Mini Beauty Blender - I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that Boots are now selling the original Beauty Blenders! I spotted the micro mini's and thought they would be the perfect thing for blending in under eye concealer, and they are! They fit right up in the inner corner and blend everything out seamlessly.

30 May 2016


Last year I went to the Northumberland County Show for the first time and had such a good time that I had to come back again this year! I have known about this show for years but never got the chance to go but now I know this is going to be an annual occurrence for me for years to come! The show is similar to a lot that happen around the UK, it is an event where loads of farmers, breeders and all sorts come to show off their best stock and participate in shows where their animals are judged.

There are so many different animals there, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, pigeons, goats, alpacas, pigs, sheep and cows. Anything to do with animals I'm up for! My favourite part was being around the goats, I love goats, they're just amazing. They have such an amazing personality and love attention. I could have stood all day stroking them!

I loved seeing all of the different rabbit breeds but did not like the fact that the people showing them were breeders, which is obvious but its just annoying. There are so many abandoned rabbits in rescue centres there is no need to breed any more. The cages they were in were tiny and exposed which no doubt made the bunnies feel scared. Anyway don't get me started with that!

There was so much to see and do we were there for hours and had a through look around. I brought my camera with me and took quite a few photos so I thought I'd just share the cuteness with you all, as after all what kind of person doesn't like to look at cute animals?!


29 May 2016


I absolutely love Pinterest, I can get lost in it for hours, I have so many folders all organised into different categories and I love searching for inspirational photos. I have a folder to keep all of my favourite quotes in and I wanted to share some of them with you all today as I need a bit of a pick me up and reading these makes me feel a little bit better and inspired! My Pinterest is 'calvirose'


24 May 2016


I have filmed a what I ate today video and it is up on my youtube channel right now, if you would like to check it out it is here. I have filmed how I make my all time favourite milkshake and my favourite way to eat avocado. I am a new vegan so I'm just experimenting with what kind of foods I like to eat atm. I hope you enjoy!


23 May 2016


For years now I have only bought products that were not tested on animals and I wanted to share my favourites with you today.

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