17 July 2016


Last week I got back from a two week holiday to Mexico and I thought before I unpack my make up, I would share with you what I brought with me in my travel make up bag. I tried to keep the amount of makeup that I brought to a minimum, I think I did quite well but to some people this amount of products may be huge, but for me its reasonable. Yes I didn’t need to bring my full Morphe 350 Nature Glow palette but it’s new and I hadn’t had the chance to use it properly and I think the colours in it are perfect for a summer holiday! You can read my review on this palette hereI only used these products on a night time when I was going out for a meal and got a little bit more dressed up, I never wear makeup during the day when I'm on holiday as it would just sweat off and thats not comfertable! Truthfully most nights I didn’t bothered to put any make up on as it was still so hot!

NYX Angel Veil PrimerI bought this from Boots as it is a small size, which is perfect for traveling, I don’t own any other primers which are not too small and not too big so this one is the perfect medium size! This product is white in colour and really helped to disguise the redness in my face on the day I burnt it! It is oil free which is good for if you’re going to a tropical climate as any excess oil in products can make you look extra shiny and hot!
NYX Luminous Base in Sun Goddess - This product isn’t a daily makeup necessity but I spotted it when buying the primer and I thought it would again be perfect for a summer holiday. I looks gorgeous under foundation on an evening to give a lovely glow and really enhanced my tan!
NARS Sheer Glow FoundationThis is my daily foundation that I use at home and I will definitely only wore this on an evening as the thought of foundation on my skin when I’m too hot and sweaty during the day is not appealing to me! I am in the shade ‘Mont Blanc’ which is just on the border of being too light for my skin tone never mind when I have a tan. So for the past few years when I have been tanned I have mixed in whatever foundation I am using with the product below to make it less light.
Bourjois Bronze BB creamBourjois unfortunately is not cruelty free, this is another brand, which I was deceived by; they claim to be cruelty free but in fact are not as they sell in China. But once this product is used up I will just buy any other dark BB cream and I’m sure it will do the trick. I mix a little bit of this in with my foundation and apply it to my skin and it changes the colour of your foundation with out having to buy a new one that matches your tanned skin or apply loads of bronzer.
Urban Decay ConcealerThis concealer is again my daily concealer, but with concealers a lighter coloured one is not so obvious and it adds to the highlighted look under your eyes and makes you look more awake.
Soap and Glory Kick Ass PowderI have had this product for a while and haven’t used it yet as I had other powders I needed to use up first. I brought this with me as it is light and slightly yellow which will give you again a very highlighted look and cancel out any dark tones under your eyes.
Benefit Hoola BronzerThis is my contour colour, but Benefit is not 100% cruelty free so again this is a product I am just using up the last of then I will replace with a cruelty free version. I use this to contour my cheek bones, jaw line and around my hairline, I apply it with the brush that came with this bronzer as it is the perfect size and shape for the job!
Sleek Blush By Three Palette in LaceThis was another new product that I bought for my holiday as it is a relatively small size and it comes with three blushers. I didn’t want to bring loads of blush choices with me so this is the perfect thing. This palette contains three beautiful colours, a lovely matte peach, a pinky shade with shimmer, which to me looks very similar to NARS ‘orgasm’ blush and a classic pink colour.
Sleek Highlighting Palette in SolsticeYet again another new purchase for my holiday, I bought it with the same idea as the blush palette as it is small and contains a few different shades to choose from for highlight. It contains three powder highlighters and one cream, celebrities like Jeffery Star have been raving about this product so I thought I may as well give it a try! The colours are all gorgeous, very pigmented and extremely bendable.
Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade and Soap and Glory Archery brow gel - These are my everyday eyebrow products and they're perfect for a holiday as dip brow is waterproof which means it wont rub off during the day when you’re really hot.
NYX HD Eye Shadow PrimerI think this is my last new makeup purchase that I got for my holiday and it is just a plain and simple nude eye shadow primer. I didn’t have a nude eye shadow primer so I thought I would give this one a try.
Morphe 350 Nature Glow Eye shadowPaletteI have done a blog post all about this palette (which you can read here) and tested a few of the shadows but I hadn't properly used it in a makeup look so I thought this holiday would be the perfect opportunity. The shades are all very warm and orangey which I think is perfect for a summer holiday. It is a very large palette but its quite light and this is all of the eye shadow choices I needed and more!
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - I did have eyelash extensions on for my holiday but if you saw my blog post about them you will know that I was disappointed in them as it wasn't my usual beautician who did them. The lashes fell out after about a week so I used these mascaras as they're my favourites.
Soap and Glory Super Cat Eyeliner - I don't often wear eyeliner on a daily basis as it is so hit and miss whether I will get it to look good or not, so for an evening if I am wearing eyeshadow I just put a little bit on to make the look a bit more dramatic and intense.
Lip Products - I tried to keep my lip products to a minimum as I don’t really wear lipstick but I thought I would make the effort on an evening on this holiday, I have so many lipsticks but never use them so I thought its about time I did. I chose to bring 5 and they are all nude/pink colours, I brought Kylie Jenners Koko K, Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipstick in the shade Serenity, NYX lip cream in the shade Tokyo, Too Faced Melted in the shade melted peony and NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick in the shade lace detail.

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  1. Lovely post! I've been wanting to try these sleek blushes for so long, the colours are so summery!




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