30 September 2016


Another month has gone which means another monthly favourites post! This month I don't really have many favourites but I thought I'd still share the few I do have with you.


28 September 2016


I am 2 weeks into my second year of university and my first year wasn't how I expected it to be, it had its ups and downs but I made it through and even got a 2:1! In todays blog post I want to share some tips that I think will really help anyone about to go into their first year of uni this September.


23 September 2016


I get so excited at this time of the year when Lush are starting to bring out their festive products. I have probably tried all of Lush’s bath bombs that they have ever sold and it's always exciting to try the new ones that they bring out for Halloween and Christmas. This time I only bought bath bombs as I have a ridiculous amount of shower gels and soaps at home already.

21 September 2016


I'm back at uni now which is why I haven't been posting as much as I would have liked but I'm just getting settled and organised for now so please bare with me! Today I just wanted to show you what's in my bag that I take to lectures. I always find these types of blog posts and youtube videos interesting so I thought I'd share mine with you all too!

16 September 2016


I have recently got a kitchenaid mixer after wanting one for years and years, since getting it I have been baking non stop! I absolutely love using it, it's so cool! This time I made some vegan biscoff cupcakes as vegan biscoff biscuits are suitable for vegans!! I saw this recipe on Becky's blog and was inspired to veganise it! Full credit goes to her for the basic recipe I have just adjusted it slightly. I have made a YouTube video showing you how to make the cupcakes from start to finish, if you would like to watch that you can here. In this blog post I am including the full list of ingredients, measurements, recipe and some photos.

14 September 2016


Autumn is my favourite time of the year, I love everything about it, the fact that I can drink hot chocolate again and that I can wear gorgeous dark nail polishes on my nails without looking like a goth! If you know me or have followed my blog for a while, you will know that I am obsessed with nail polish, I have so many different colours I could open my own salon! So today I have picked eight of my favourite autumn nail varnish colours out of my collection to share with you all.

9 September 2016


Eyebrows have always been a major love of mine and eyebrow products are the cosmetic I'm always changing to be able to achieve the perfect brow. I have been blessed with thick well shaped eyebrows and I like to enhance them and make them stand out on my face. I think I've finally cracked the perfect brows and I just recently posted a video to my youtube channel all about how I do my eyebrows currently, you can watch it here. I have tried so many brow products and today I wanted to show you some of my favourites which all create different looks. All but one product is from Soap and Glory but that is just coincidental, they just have so many different brow products and they're all so good!

2 September 2016


VOSS Water Bottle -  My first favourite is literally the strangest thing to include in a favourites post but it is the large VOSS glass water bottle. I've seen so many people with these bottles and I just think they're so cool! I was surprised at how cheap it was as well, I was expecting it to be at least £5 but it was only £2 something! I hate buying plastic water bottles as plastic is so bad for the environment and this has helped me to keep drinking water! I'm so bad at drinking water literally all I drink is diet coke and thats obviously not the best so just having a fancy bottle to drink out of really makes the difference for me!

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