31 May 2016


Micro Mini Beauty Blender - I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that Boots are now selling the original Beauty Blenders! I spotted the micro mini's and thought they would be the perfect thing for blending in under eye concealer, and they are! They fit right up in the inner corner and blend everything out seamlessly.

30 May 2016


Last year I went to the Northumberland County Show for the first time and had such a good time that I had to come back again this year! I have known about this show for years but never got the chance to go but now I know this is going to be an annual occurrence for me for years to come! The show is similar to a lot that happen around the UK, it is an event where loads of farmers, breeders and all sorts come to show off their best stock and participate in shows where their animals are judged.

There are so many different animals there, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, pigeons, goats, alpacas, pigs, sheep and cows. Anything to do with animals I'm up for! My favourite part was being around the goats, I love goats, they're just amazing. They have such an amazing personality and love attention. I could have stood all day stroking them!

I loved seeing all of the different rabbit breeds but did not like the fact that the people showing them were breeders, which is obvious but its just annoying. There are so many abandoned rabbits in rescue centres there is no need to breed any more. The cages they were in were tiny and exposed which no doubt made the bunnies feel scared. Anyway don't get me started with that!

There was so much to see and do we were there for hours and had a through look around. I brought my camera with me and took quite a few photos so I thought I'd just share the cuteness with you all, as after all what kind of person doesn't like to look at cute animals?!


29 May 2016


I absolutely love Pinterest, I can get lost in it for hours, I have so many folders all organised into different categories and I love searching for inspirational photos. I have a folder to keep all of my favourite quotes in and I wanted to share some of them with you all today as I need a bit of a pick me up and reading these makes me feel a little bit better and inspired! My Pinterest is 'calvirose'


24 May 2016


I have filmed a what I ate today video and it is up on my youtube channel right now, if you would like to check it out it is here. I have filmed how I make my all time favourite milkshake and my favourite way to eat avocado. I am a new vegan so I'm just experimenting with what kind of foods I like to eat atm. I hope you enjoy!


23 May 2016


For years now I have only bought products that were not tested on animals and I wanted to share my favourites with you today.

20 May 2016


I always get complimented on my nails and often people mistake them as being fake but they are actually my own nails. Strong nails run in my family, my mum and my grandma both have always had long strong nails so a lot of the reasons why I can grow them so long is because of my genetics. Another reason why I think my nails are so good is due to my diet, I've been vegetarian for almost four years and recently turned vegan. Ever since I've been vegetarian I really have noticed an increase in the strength in my nails and how fast they grow and I'm not just saying it! I truly believe a vegan plan based diet is the best for optimum health and I believe this has also contributed to my overall nail health.


19 May 2016


I filmed my first youtube video in almost two years the other day and its now up on my channel here. Ive done a chitchat get ready with me video, where I discuss everything that has happened in my life from 2014 including how my first year of uni went, dealing with my rabbits passing away and more. In the video I only talk about life topics and don't explain any of the products I'm using as it would have been such a long video! So in this post I am going to go into a little bit more detail of what I do everyday and what products I use.

17 May 2016


I have been a vegetarian for almost four years that means no meat, no fish, as I truly love animals and could not justify supporting an industry that tortures and exploits them purely for my own taste bud pleasure. Ever since becoming vegetarian I have wanted to go all out and be vegan. I found it easy to stick to a vegetarian diet as I have access to so many alternatives but I thought going fully vegan would be really hard as I loved cheese! I essentially replaced meat with cheese when I would go out to eat I would often get a cheese toastie as most of the time this was the only vegetarian option I fancied.

12 May 2016


If any of you are make up addicts you may be aware that NYX Cosmetics has finally came to the UK! They are now sold in most large Boots stores and the range of products is amazing! In the Boots I went to there were at least 6 display stands full of NYX products! Truthfully I could have spent a load of money today but I was good and only got things that are not similar to what I already have in my make up collection.

8 May 2016


Here I am, I managed to finish my first year of university even though I thought about giving up far too many times. One year down two to go and I hope for my mental state that they fly by as fast as this first one! I haven't had the worst time ever at uni but I also haven't had such an amazing experience like a lot of people do. But that's ok I just want a degree and I'll get on with life. I have noticed that I've grown a lot in confidence over this year especially in giving presentations and public speaking so that's one benefit of going at least! I have been so excited for the end of this year as I have four months off and I really want to blog consistently. I used to be so into blogging in 2012 and I loved doing it so I hope I can get back into a routine now. I have also decided to start doing YouTube videos again, since stopping in 2014 I've been toying with the idea of doing them again and I've changed my mind so many times but I'm just going to do it and see how I go. I'm going to keep this update short and sweet as I'm going to be filming a chitchat get ready with me video tomorrow where I'll explain what's been going on in my life since 2014.

Since I have finished uni for the summer my mum and I have been making the most of it and we went back down to York to empty the last of my stuff out from my accommodation and we then went to the Designer Outlet and had a good shopping day. It was so nice to just chill and not have to worry about assignments! I went a bit wild and bought quite a bit so I thought I'd do a haul and show you everything.

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