16 June 2017


When I first went vegetarian I was sort of embarrassed about it and if people would ask me why I didn't eat meat I'd just say that I didn't like the taste of it, which wasn't true. So I never wanted to advertise it but now I am proud of my decision to avoid contributing to the exploitation of animals and I want to show it off which is why I'm so obsessed with vegan promoting clothing! I feel like vegan clothing has come a long way in the past few years all I could ever find when I first started looking were either really boring and bland or super over the top. But I've finally found some cute designs that I could actually see my self wearing on a daily basis. Below are some of my favourite brands and their pieces that are currently on my wish list that I feel like any veggie needs in their wardrobe!

9 June 2017


My favourite cocktail is a Pina Colada and I can't get enough of anything coconut flavoured or scented, so when I spotted Pina Colada flavoured icing by Sugar and Crumbs in Hoby Craft, I knew I had to create some pina colada inspired cupcakes! These summery cupcakes are perfect for this time of year and would be so good as desert at a BBQ!

2 June 2017


Highlighters are one of my favourite makeup products as I feel like they can change your whole makeup look in an instance. No matter how much of a rush I'm in to do my makeup I'll always put on highlighter as I feel like it makes me look healthier overall! Highlighters come in all different types of formulas, powder, cream and liquid which all give a different effect to the skin. In this post I am going to share with you my favourite highlighters that I've tried so far that never let me down.

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