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As of 2013 I stopped buying products from companies who test on animals, this is for personal reasons as I believe animal testing is completely unnecessary and outdated. I now only like to support brands that do not participate in such cruel practices, so I try my best to only buy products from those who are cruelty free. You may still see some products from brands who are not cruelty free as I have a lot of products still to use up from before this time and I don't see the point in binning the product if I have already spent money on it and supported that brand, they already have my money wether I use it or not so I may as well use it up. Like everything in life I will make mistakes and slip up occasionally, there have been a few times I have thought a brand was cruelty free but in fact was not, but I will know for next time not to buy from the brand again.
From January 2016 all products featured on this blog will be cruelty free as I have finally used up or got rid of the products that are from non cruelty free brands. My makeup and beauty product collections are now completely cruelty free.

The majority of the products that appear on calvirose.com have been bought with my own money, although on occasion I will be sent an item to review. As of September 2012 any items marked with an asterisk (*) have been gifted to me to try out, review or feature on my blog. I would never accept a product from a brand that I would not consider buying with my own money. I do not receive any sponsorship from brands that have gifted me products.

All sponsorships and sponsored posts will be marked with 'AD'.

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