I started to blog again in May 2016 and I am so glad I got back into it. I have been blogging since I was 16 and I have always loved it but I just go through phases of not knowing what to post and then end up not posting for months and thats not good if you want to keep up a regular readership. I’d say from last August onwards I’ve been good at keeping a regular upload schedule and liking what I’ve been posting. I have seen a lot of people do blogging goal posts for this year and I thought I would join in, so here are my goals for this year…

Improve on my blog photography – My first goal and the goal I really want to try hard to achieve is to improve my photography. My blog photos have come a very long way since I started blogging and even since the beginning of last year, but there is always room for improvement. I want to master the flat lay and I want all of my photos to flow and match some what. What I mean by this is that I want the photos in my posts to all have very similar lighting and just look cohesive. I’m not too happy with my photos at the moment as I whenever I go to take blog photos they’re always quite rushed and in a few of them the lighting is totally wrong. So I want to be able to take my time with them and really practice to make sure they all look good.

Keep up with the regular schedule – From September I started to try and post two blog posts a week, I think currently this is a good amount for me. I am at university so that obviously takes up a large amount of my time so sticking to this amount until I finish my second year in May is a goal I want to achieve. I also want to be able to schedule blog posts so that I don’t miss out on any posts.

Engage with other bloggers – I always read blogs and keep up with all of my favourite bloggers and youtuber’s but I rarely engage with them. I read their posts and watch their videos but I hardly ever comment of any of their content, so this year I want to make it a habit to be a bit more involved instead of being a ghost reader!

Expand my equipment and props – I purchased a few electronic bits and bobs that have really helped me when it came to blogging last year. I have wanted photography lighting for years but never wanted to invest in it, but I finally did in 2016 and bought myself a ring light. The one I have is compact but powerful and it has helped me so much especially for taking photos in my bedroom as the light quite often comes off as orange. It has also really upped my selfie game! This year I want to expand my collection of camera equipment like buying a remote for my camera which is pretty much an essential for any blogger. I also want to get a tripod that has an extendable arm for flat lay photos, I just think that one of these will be so handy as I can set my camera up on it and be able to tweak products quickly and if I’ve found the perfect angle I wont have to risk losing it. The one in my wish list currently is this one but it is rather pricey!

Be organised and plan ahead – I have been using Google calendar for a few months to organise my blog posts which helps me stay on track with my posts. Its so easy to use and you can even get it as an app on your phone, so if I have a blog post idea I can quickly add it into my calendar and organise what I’m going to post and when. I always view my calendar on the monthly spread and add in what blog posts I want to do for the next few weeks. I find this so helpful as it allows me to just get on with creating posts instead of having to think of what to post which wastes time. I want to keep using this technique as it has been a lifeline for my blog.


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