Today is my 23rd birthday. Some how I am 23, I still feel like I’m 17! At times I feel like I am so behind in life, the majority of the people I went to school with finished university years ago and have full time jobs and have their life together. Where as I still have one year of uni left, I often get upset by this fact and feel like I am not moving fast enough. When I was younger I thought by this time I’d be in a relationship and getting married at 25!! How crazy! I couldn’t imagine getting married in two years time. But I found this quote type thing on Pinterest and it put things in perspective for me. It states that everyone is on their own time zone, so I’m not behind and I’m not too far ahead, I’m in my own time zone and I’m on time. Now lets get into the actual topic of this post, what make up I’m wearing for my birthday celebrations.

I don’t often do my makeup particularly fancy or dramatic but I thought since its my birthday I’d go all out! I always go for warm bronzy orangey makeup so I wanted to try and switch it up a bit and go for warm bronzy pinky makeup instead! Its not a huge different but I just think warm colours suit me better and I even fake tanned last night so warm colours will enhance the colour of my skin and hopefully look nice! I got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette for my birthday and really wanted to use it today so I’ve used the dark cranberry colours in the palette on my eyes.

Eyebrows – I started off with my eyebrows for a change as I wanted to do an intense eye look so I prefer to do eyes before face make up so I can fix any mistakes easily. I took my new ABH number 7B eyebrow brush and applied ABH dip brow pomade to my eyebrows. I got this brush as a present today and I absolutely love it, it is so thin which makes defining your brows super easy. You can easily create hair like strokes with this brush and I think I’ve done the best brows today than I have in a long time! I then set this with the ABH brow powder in the shade dark brown.

Eyeshadow – Instead of using an eyeshadow primer I just like to use a concealer and apply it to my eyelids, this covers veins and makes the eyeshadows more opaque. I used the NARS radiant creamy concealer as it is quite thick, I also tidied up my brows with this concealer. To set the concealer I took the shade ‘tempera’ from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette and applied it all over my eyelids. To start off the eyeshadow I took ‘burnt orange’ on a fluffy brush and applied it in the crease area. I blended it out up to my brow bone and then took a mix of the shade ‘love letter’ and ‘venetian red’ and applied it over where I had just put the ‘burnt orange’ colour but didn’t blend it out as much. I also applied the two cranberry colours under my lower lash line. In the outer corner I applied a tiny amount of the colour ‘cyprus umber’ to deepen it up a bit. Then I took a Barry M dazzle dust in the shade bronze and packed it onto my eyelid.

Eyelashes – I then curled my eyelashes and applied the Ardell demi wispies to my top lashes. After about 15 minutes of trying to get those blooming eyelashes on I applied a small amount of the Too Faced better than sex mascara to my top lashes to blend them into the false ones.

Skin – I don’t often prime my skin before foundation, I haven’t found a one that I really like, I’ve tried quite a lot but I just prefer the way foundation applies to my bare skin. But a primer spray like the NYX one is good as it doesn’t feel like an extra layer and it just freshens your skin ready to apply makeup without changing how your foundation applies. For foundation I used the Too Faced born this way foundation and applied it with a Real Techniques makeup sponge. I used the same NARS concealer that I used before eyeshadow, under my eyes and set that with the Soap and Glory kick ass powder. I then took the middle shade from the ABH cream contour kit and used this as a contour in the hollows of my cheeks, forehead and under my jawline, I then blended it out with a makeup sponge. I then went back in with the Soap and Glory kick ass powder and set the rest of my face. To set the contour I used the NARS laguna bronzer every where I used the cream contour. I also used a little bit as a blush colour as the eyes are quite colourful I wanted to just stick to very neutral warm colours on the rest of my face. For highlighter I used the Balm Cosmetics highlighter in the shade Mary lou manizer, on my cheek bones, nose and cupids bow. To set my face I used the NYX dewy finish setting spray. I only used lip balm on my lips as I wanted to keep all of the attention on my eyes as for me this is quite dramatic. Then I finished off with applying the better than sex mascara on my bottom lashes.


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  1. kim
    29/05/2019 / 8:52 pm

    To the CBS’s Mary Calvi. Otis Livingston and Cindy Hsu was talking about Mary Calvi’s private life they set you up!

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