My start to the year when it comes to blogging has quite obviously not gone to plan. If you look at the post before this one I said that I was going to keep posting twice a week but I didn’t manage to stick to that. Straight after Christmas I was concentrating on January exams then I had loads of assignments due in, then it was February half term and I had a disaster.

If you can remember last summer I did a blog post about an eyelash treatment known as LVL, it was amazing and I loved the way it made my lashes look. So I got it done again in February and had a really fun allergic reaction to it! My eyes swelled up to the point where I had to go to the hospital, I had blurred vision and all of the whites of my eyes were bright red. I eventually overcame that with no lasting damage thankfully. But then in the Easter holidays I decided to dye my eyebrows as I didn’t want to keep paying an extra £10 when I got them waxed as I thought I could easily do them myself at home. So I bought an eyebrow dye from boots and had an allergic reaction to that too!! It started off as just having what felt and looked like bad sunburn around my brows but turned into my eyelids swelling up again! It turns out I’m severely allergic to the chemical P-Phenylenediamine aka PPD which is an ingredient in both the eyelash lift tint and eyebrow dye.

So it has been a fun few months! I didn’t feel like posting anything on my blog or Instagram during this as I felt gross and I of course still had endless amounts of assignments due in constantly. But I’m finished my second year of uni now and I am able to get back into it all! As usual when I go MIA on my blog for a while I do a little explanation post, and this is that. But to stop this post being wasted on just an update I wanted to talk about my new room decor pieces.

I’ve been after a wire memo board for ages but all of the ones I saw online were upwards of £50 and I just didn’t feel like spending that much on some wire! So I decided that I was going to DIY myself one. I never got round to it until I saw Becky’s post about where she got the ones pictured above for only £7.99. They’re from New Look and they were just perfect for what I wanted. I ordered two and put them together to create a larger looking board. Where I’ve put them in my room had always been a bare corner and what ever I did to spice it up never looked right, but now with that bit of detail on the wall just brings it all together. If you want to order the memo board this is the link to it on the New Look website, they’re currently out of stock as they’re so popular but I’m sure they’ll get some more in soon.

My board is looking a bit bare at the moment but for now I’ve added a wooden elephant from Primark, my favourite dream catcher and a Pocahontas ornament. I’ve strung copper wire fairy lights around the outside which I got from Next a few Christmases ago and hung a couple of images up. Under the board on top of my chest of draws I’ve got all of my images of my rabbits in frames by my friend Szonja. I’ve also got a few books, mini perfumes and some crystals just for decoration. In the copper glass box I’ve got a little stationary pack from Primark which I use to hang the images up on the board, they are copper and marble coloured. On top of that I have a glass jar which has some fake cactus in from Tesco I think, I’m not 100% sure on that as my mum bought it for me but I think it was Tesco! Lastly I have a gold palm leaf trinket dish from Primark which has a tea light and crystal in.

I’m trying to decorate my room to be very summery, so I’ve got palm tree bedding from Primark on my bed with pastel cushions. The velvet pink cushion is from Primark and the two fluffy ones are from Matalan. The grey faux fur one was from Tesco a while ago and the pink one on the right was from Next. I am thinking of buying a palm leaf cushion as well, but if you saw the amount of cushions I already own you would say I don’t need another one!

So that is all I wanted to share with you today, so hopefully this just clears things up and I can’t wait to get back to posting more often in the next few months.


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