As I have mentioned in previous posts, I had a major declutter of my whole life this past summer, this includes my clothes. I gave away clothes that no longer fit me, I would never wear again or were past their best. A lot of the clothes I gave away were autumn/winter clothes so I decided to pick up a few pieces from Primark to replace them. Autumnal clothes are my favourite, I love wearing warm cozy outfits and all the colours that are associated with autumn. Primark always has great autumn/winter pieces for such cheap prices that you just can’t go wrong! I have been picking up a few pieces every time I’ve been in since about the end of August time until now. I bought all of these things from the Metro Centre Primark and the Primark in the centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

I always tuck in my tops into what ever pants I’m wearing so I’ve been very much into wearing body suits recently. They look better than normal tops tucked in as there is no excess fabric to create weird bumps and they add an extra layer of warmth under jumpers. These two were only £5 each which is a total steal!

I love this crop top, the neckline is so flattering but they only do it in this colour. I do love this colour but I’d love to have a few in black and white as basics, so I will be on the look out for these incase they start doing them in more colours. This top was £4.

This long sleeved top is so soft! It almost feels like a pj top which I’m totally ok with. It has New York embroidered on the chest in a lovely handwritten font, which is a nice little touch to otherwise a basic black tee. This was £6.

As you may be able to tell I’m all about the comfiness and softness of clothes and this top is as soft as they come! It has a high neck and ruffled edges which make it a little bit more interesting than just a plain grey top. Its quite thin but because of the soft material it still keeps you warm, its perfect for this time of year when its not completely freezing yet. This was £6.

I think this is my favourite jumper I’ve bought out of them all. This cream slightly cropped pompom jumper was only £13 and its again so soft! They do this in a grey colour as well but I preferred the cream on me. I saw a few jumpers like this last year in stores like Zara but I wasn’t too keen on them as the pompoms were a different colour to the jumper and I didn’t really like that. But this one I love and it again just adds a little bit of extra detail to an otherwise plain Jane jumper.

As soon as I felt these jumpers I knew I had to have one. I had a jumper in the exact same fabric as these from M&S last year and I wore it constantly. I can’t describe the material but it is ultra soft, you’d have to feel it yourself to understand. I still have the M&S one that I got last year but that one has a high neck which began to get a bit annoying. These were £10 each. I have saw these in cream and burgundy like I have but they also do a black, navy, green and mustard version. I have been trying to get my hands on the mustard version since I saw these but they never have my size in stock. The only think that is slightly annoying with them is that they leave fluff everywhere and I am quite scared that they’re just going to disintegrate within a few rounds in the washing machine but they’ll do me for this autumn.

This photo doesn’t do this jumper justice, you can see it better in this Instagram photo that I put up a few days ago. Again the material is super soft and this one was only £8. It is shorter at the front and sort of scoops round at the back to cover your bum. I have a habit of tucking things into my pants so you can’t see this detailing in the photo but if you were to wear leggings with this jumper you’d have sufficient bum coverage!

These three jackets were £20 each which I just can’t get over! The first mustard jacket is a corduroy material with a shearling lining so its super warm. This jacket just screams autumn to me, the colour is gorgeous and I have had a lot of compliments on it when I’ve wore it. I don’t think it looks like its from Primark, it looks so nice and seems to go with a lot of my outfits. The pink and brown faux fur jackets are literally my favourite things ever. I first spotted the pink one in the Metro Centre at the beginning of September and had to have it there and then. When I got the pink one that was the only colour they had in and since then they’ve brought out a few more colours hence why I’ve now got two! I spotted the brown one and immediately thought of a teddy bear. Erm yes I defo want to look like a teddy bear thank you, so I had to have that one too! I was toying with the idea of returning the pink one and just keeping the brown but I think the brown will be perfect for autumn and this time of year and the pink will be really nice for the beginning of next year. I like to wear pastel colours in the winter so I ended up keeping them both! They also do these jackets in black and grey.

I have been after some non shiny cycling shorts all summer and I’ve typically only just found them. These were only £2 and so I got two pairs, I was intending to wear them under skirts and dresses in the summer but I think they’ll also come in handy as an extra layer over tights under the skirts shown below. I don’t think I’m at a point where I’m totally comfortable to wear these as actual shorts like some people do, but for now having them as another layer under skirts will be really handy and just makes me feel extra secure if its particularly windy!

I had seen these skirts in the summer in the middle of August and I really wanted to get one but I held off as the weather was still lovely and I didn’t want to admit defeat and start buying autumn clothes too early. Luckily they are still available since I first saw them so I got two, one in black and the other in a dark orange. They were £8 each and are in a corduroy material so they’re really thick and quite a heavy duty skirt for the colder months. I intend to wear these with either black tights, or long socks like on the mannequins in the photo at the top of this post. I never wear skirts but I’m pushing myself a bit to try and not wear jeans every single day of my life so this is a step in the right direction!

I always seem to buy belts when I’m in Primark as they’re so cheap and come in handy all the time. They were only £2 so I got another black one and a muted red coloured one. I have so many Primark belts at the moment but since they are so cheap they do start to get tatty quickly so I like to keep replacing them every now and then.

These boots weren’t really necessary but I really liked the buckle detail on them and tan coloured anything just screams ‘buy me buy me buy me’ to me so before I knew it they were in my basket. These were £16.

These little ballet pumps were £8. I have these in black and tan and they just come in so handy to slip on during the day or on an evening. They look good for any occasion so when I saw them in this maroon colour I decided to get them as well as I’m always wearing the ones I already have. They also have these in a mustard colour which I love but by this point having four of the same style shoe would be being ridiculous so I’m sticking to just these for now!



  1. 14/10/2018 / 9:44 am

    Oooo I love both of those shoes! I have been looking for some new boots. This has made me want to go have a browse in Primark.

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

    • Sophie
      21/10/2018 / 12:59 pm

      Thank you for your comment 🙂 Primark has some really good stuff in atm, definitely worth a look! x

  2. 06/03/2019 / 10:01 am

    Hello, I’m Anggie from Indonesia, so I remember the first experience of shopping at Primark, their collection is good at a very cheap price. No wonder I saw photos on your blog, the shoes and clothes are so beautiful.

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