I am in no way shape or form a fashion guru, I’m just an average girl who usually lives in jeans and a hoodie but since I’ve lost some weight, I’m feeling confident enough to start experimenting with clothes and my style again. Although saying that I definitely still have a basic style, nothing at all ground breaking but I thought today I’d share some outfit ideas that you’ll probably see me sporting for the majority of autumn, perfect for the average girl who just wants comfort.

These first few outfits are focused on trousers, I became obsessed with culottes and trousers this summer as they’re much cooler (temperature wise) than jeans and I just love how comfortable and freeing they are compared to jeans! I’m definitely bringing trousers into my autumn wardrobe as they can be worn casually or dressed up, I feel like they’re so versatile and easy to wear. In the first and the forth photo I’m wearing culottes from Primark in black and a gorgeous burnt orange colour, they feel like you’re wearing pyjamas which I’m totally ok with. In the second and third photos I’m wearing trousers from New Look in a bold stripe pattern and a plain olive colour, I absolutely love these trousers, they make me feel so smart and put together without even trying hard. At the moment I’m wearing these trousers with either body’s or crop tops as I feel like tops tucked into the trousers or crop tops that don’t cover them look more flattering. But once the weather starts to cool down again I think they’ll look lovely with cropped jumpers. In the first and third photo the tops are from Primark and in the second and fourth they’re bodys from GAP. I would obviously wear these outfits with a jacket if I was going out and when the weathers cooler but at the moment I can get away with not wearing a jacket thanks to this gorgeous weather we’ve got. In the first and second photos my shoes are from Primark, the third photo boots are from Dorothy Perkins and the forth photo are converse.

These outfits above are exactly what I said I used to live in and what I’ve been trying to avoid but I just can’t stop wearing jeans and a jumper, its my go to outfit. Jumpers and jeans are a classic but I like to spice things up by rolling the sleeves up and tucking the jumper into my jeans with a belt. I don’t know what it is about tucking tops into trousers that make the whole outfit feel a lot more trendy to me! All of the jeans above are from Topshop, they’re the Jamie jeans, my absolute fave jeans. In the first photo the jumper is from New Look, I got it last year but everywhere is doing this type of jumper now. The material is super soft, comfortable and warm. The second jumper is a lot thinner and more appropriate for this time of year when its still warm but not warm enough for just a t-shirt. The third jumper is one of my favourites, its from Beaumont and Bear, its one of those throw on sweatshirts that are soft and comfortable for the days where you just can’t be bothered but it still looks really nice! The last jumper is from H&M, a classic knit jumper that screams autumn. The tan boots in these photos are from Sainsbury’s, the shoes in the second photo are Miley Cyrus converse and the third are trainers with rabbits on, but I’m not sure where they’re from as they were a gift. I have had a good clear out of my wardrobe and jumpers are whats lacking so I’m definitely on the hunt for some more knit jumpers, if you can recommend any places that have nice autumn jumpers please let me know!

Three of these jackets are new this year and only one is a one I’ve had for years. The second photo is the jacket I’ve had for years, it was from Topshop and its a fleece lined black denim jacket. I miss wearing denim jackets in autumn so a dark coloured denim like this one still allows me my denim fix whilst being autumn appropriate. In the first photo the jacket I’m wearing is a faux fur jacket from Primark, I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this jacket. It is sooo soft, like nothing I’ve ever felt before! I have it in pink as well as I just can’t get enough of it. The brown colour is gorgeous and I think really compliments my skin and hair colour. This is going to be perfect for throwing on when they weather has finally cooled down, I can’t wait to wear it. The third jacket is from Primark as well and to me this is autumn in a jacket. The colour is a stunning mustard yellow, its fleece lined and the fabric is corduroy which is the optimum autumn combo. Lastly is a faux leather jacket from Bershka, you can’t go wrong with a leather jacket for any season. This one is new as I wanted a cropped one to go with trousers like the ones shown above. I feel like a jacket can spice up any outfit, its one of my favourite ways to feel stylish without trying hard at all.

So these are pretty much what you’ll be seeing me wear throughout this autumn season, I think my style is basic but with a couple of pops of colour or bold-ish items. I am wanting to get into wearing skirts and tights this autumn and I’ve seen some in Primark that I think will have to try out if I get brave enough! What are your autumn fashion staples?


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