Have a relaxing bath – Taking a bath rather than a shower is always a luxury for me, since I’m at uni for most of the week I take any chance I can get when I’m home to have a few hours to my self to relax. I cant not use a lush bath bomb in my baths, they’re just so fun and smell so good! I also prop my iPad carefully up on the side of the bath and watch a bit of Netflix while I chill.

Treat your skin – I do have a regular skin care routine which I do daily but I often forget to exfoliate and use a face mask weekly, so when ever I do my skin really thanks me for it! Before using a face mask I exfoliate any dry skin off with the Lush ocean salt scrub. I apply it to my skin dry as I feel like this gives the best exfoliation, rinse off and follow with a face mask. I am currently loving the Dr Organic dead sea mineral mask, this mask is slightly warming and once you wash it off your skin is left as soft as a baby’s bottom! I literally cant stop stroking my skin once I’ve used it! I apply it with a makeup brush and rinse it off with these Liz Earle mask sponges, doing it this way just makes it a whole lot less messy. I then follow with a heavy moisturiser to lock in as much moisture as possible.

Quench your skins thirst – I rarely moisturise my body, its mainly because I hate the feeling of having thick moisturiser on my skin, its just uncomfortable to me. But when I have the time to sit and wait for it to thoroughly sink in I always feel better for it. My favourite one is of course a classic, Soap and Glory the righteous butter, it smells amazing and isn’t too heavy on the skin.

Chill – Once I’ve had a full on pamper I get into some comfy PJ’s, turn my fairy lights on and just chill for the rest of the evening. My favourite thing to do is lie in bed with my laptop, either blogging, watching youtube or Netflix with my fairy lights on, it is the ultimate chilled evening!


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