As much as I love summer and exploring different tropical paradises, I have to admit that Autumn is my favourite season. My favourite colours are associated with this season, orange, olive, maroon and burgundy. Anything to do with Autumn I love, Halloween, wrapping up warm, getting cozy with hot chocolate, I just can’t get enough of it! From the first of September I was starting to switch up my room decor and adding little pieces of orange and cozy touches to get me in the festive mood! I have made a autumn room tour video and it is up on my youtube channel here, so if you like the look of my room you can get more information as to where everything is from in that video. But t
oday I wanted to share some of the new touches I have included in my room to make it more cozy and autumnal.

All of the supermarkets seem to have some really nice autumn themed home wear in at the moment so I literally went to so many different ASDA’s Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s to find some really nice new touches to add into my room. I think this year ASDA has won on the autumn home wear front! They have so many different cute ornaments and decorations, all themed around British wildlife. When I think of autumn I think of British wildlife, especially foxes as their beautiful red fur is a typical autumn colour.

Bedding and throws – ASDA’s choice of autumn themed bedding is so amazing that I bought three different bedding sets! The one I’ve got on my bed at the moment is double sided and on one side it has images of loads of autumn leaves, and on the other it is an autumn scene with trees on. I love getting new bedding, it can just so instantly and easily change the feel of your room. Layering things like blankets and throws can also make your room more cozy, I have this gorgeous orange checked blanket on the bottom of my bed which was from Sainsbury’s last year. I haven’t been able to find a checked blanket as nice as this one. Sainsbury’s has one in this year but I don’t think its as nice because its quite thin.

Cushions – All year round I have loads of cushions on my bed, my bed is against the wall and I like to make it look like a sofa so I put cushions all along the wall. I do have a ridiculous amount of cushions to be honest, I even have a different set of cushions for each season! If I see a really nice cushion in a store I will buy it and ASDA have done good on the cushion front this month so I got two more! The round badger cushion is from ASDA and so is the rectangular one with the fox on. ASDA did also have a cushion that was in the shape of a foxes head but its been sold out for ages, I’ve looked in all the ASDA’s around my home and even around my uni in York but I just cant get a hold of it. But for now I do think I have some really nice ones.

Fairy lights – Fairy lights are a staple for me all year and a few months ago I got some curtain fairy lights and hung them all around my bed. They look so good and I always have them on, they create such a cozy atmosphere which is perfect for the colder months. I also have fairy lights around my dressing table mirror and a gorgeous himalayan salt lamp on my desk to brighten up that part of my room.  

DIY – I love anything copper so I decided to update some of my old pieces of room decor by spray painting them copper. Admittedly this copper spray paint isn’t really the colour I was going for, I wanted the finish to be a lot lighter more on the rose gold side and more metallic but this is the best I could find. The spray paint I used was from Wilko and I just sprayed one of my white makeup brush holders from IKEA and my jewellery holder. I have been on the hunt for thin plain copper frames for a while but couldn’t find any I liked so I just got some really cheap ones from Tesco and spray painted them copper too and I love how it all looks.

Bits and bobs – I love animals, I’m studying a degree in animal management and science, and I aim to work with animals in the future. So including animal decoration in my room just makes sense. British woodland animals are my favourite and I always associate autumn with foxes, badgers, deer, and those sorts of animals. A lot of autumn themed products in stores are themed around these animals so its really easy to find little animal themed bits and pieces that you can add into your room. 


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  1. 18/10/2017 / 9:42 pm

    I really love how you've decorated your room and will be on the look out for that bed set in Asda! I need it in my life.

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