Autumn is quite possibly my favourtie season, I love everything to do with it, the colours, fashion, halloween, hot chocolates and the exciting run up to Christmas. I have created a little list of things I want to do this season, and as I love reading these types of posts so thought I’d share mine with you today!

1. Visit a pumpkin patch. I have always wanted to go to a farm and pick my own pumpkin from a pumpkin patch. There are none near Newcastle where I live, but they are some around York where I go to university. I’ve been researching where to go since August so I’ve got a few in mind at the moment, I can’t wait!

2. Watch autumny movies. I love staying in and watching movies all year round but the autumn weather makes it feel even more cozy. I always watch the Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, Harry Potter and Death Becomes Her on repeat every autumn. I don’t like horror movies so these are as ‘Halloweeny’ that I can get!

3. Try all of Costa’s festive hot chocolates. Hot chocolate is the only hot drink I drink, so I get really excited for all of the coffee shops releasing their festive drinks. I have to say I prefer Costa over Starbucks as their festive takeout cups are so much cuter and they seem to have a lot more flavours than Starbucks! My all time favourtie is an orange hot chocolate from Costa so I am extremely excited for that to come back!

4. Bake. Theres something so cozy and festive about baking treats in autumn when its cold and rainy outside and you’re inside in a warm kitchen. Especially since it is Bake Off season, watching the bake off always makes me want to get into the kitchen and try some of their creations they make each week. I love spending my afternoons baking and watching The Gilmore Girls like the old woman that I am!

5. Carve a pumpkin. I think I have carved a pumpkin every autumn for my whole life! It is quite a tradition in my house so I will definitely be doing that again this year, hopefully with a one I have picked myself!

6. Purchase the perfect winter coat. I have still been wearing my trusty faux leather jacket these past few weeks as it was not cold enough for a thicker coat, but I’m sure the weather will take a dramatic turn from now on so I am desperate to find a lovely warm coat that will go with everything. I have been wanting an aviator style jacket since last winter but never found the perfect one that wasn’t real leather or suede. I think I might have found the one this year though, from Dorothy Perkins. Although this one is not waterproof and doesn’t have a hood so I might have to have two winter coats this year.

7. Buy some Lush halloween bath bombs. I do this every year and still have unused bath bombs from last halloween but I feel like I can’t miss out on the new range. I will have to treat myself to just a couple of their new products this year and use them asap.

8. Use the tin of pumpkin I bought. Totally random but I bought a tin of pumpkin from Tesco a few weeks ago because I was amazed that you could buy it here. It was in the imported american section but I have seen american Youtubers and Bloggers use this for years but I could never get any as its just not a thing we have in the UK, until now! I have no idea what I am going to do with it though so I’m excited to find a recipe to use it in so it doesn’t go to waste.

9. Burn lots of candles. Theres nothing more cozy then burning sweet festive candles at this time of the year. I am obsessed with the warm atmosphere they create especially in my room, they just make me feel much more relaxed. My current favourtie for this month is the Harpers Bizarre ‘never mind the pumpkin’ soy wax vegan candle, it smells incredible!

10. Putting on warmed pjs. If I know I don’t need to leave the house again and I’m in for the night I will more likely than not get out of my clothes and put on my pjs. But this is especially more appealing when you put your pjs over a warm radiator and then put them on! I used to do this when I was younger and doing it now just brings back nice memories.

That is all that is on my to do list for this season, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and possibly got some inspiration for your own to do list! Whats on your to do list for this season?


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