I have tried a lot of great products in 2016 but the ones that have really stood out as my favourite products are what I am going to be talking about in this blog post. A lot of these products did not come out in 2016 but these are just the products that I have discovered or started using last year and are my personal favourites.

Skin Care – I was really looking after my skin in 2016 as the year previous was when my skin went down hill like never before. So I made a vow to look after my skin and I stuck to it which I’m so pleased with. The products that helped me take care of my skin are the Amie’s morning clear purifying face wash, Mario Badescu drying lotion, Lush tea tree water and my Clarisonic face brush. 

Clarisonic – I received my clarisonic face brush a few Christmases ago and never really got into it until 2016. This brush has been a life saver, I think I ow it to my clarisonic for my clear skin now. I use this to help remove makeup on a evening and it gets rid of every last bit and leaves my skin gently exfoliated and super clean. 

Amie’s Morning Clear Face Wash – On a morning I have used the Amie’s morning clear face wash and it is just lovely, it really helps to wake me up and gives my skin such a clean fresh feeling which is perfect for when you’re sleepy! Its all natural, vegan and cruelty free which is a huge bonus!

Lush Tea Tree Water – I have started toning my skin again to make sure I am removing all of the dirt that may be on my face before moisturising. Using the Lush tea tree water I spray a bit on a cotton pad and wipe it over my skin, it is so refreshing. 

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – My favourite product from 2016 out of all of the products in this post has to be the Mario Badescu drying lotion. This product is a literal life saver, I bought it at the beginning of 2016 and wasn’t that impressed to start with as I was expecting a miracle worker that would completely get rid of spots over night, its not that good but very close! To apply this you get a cotton bud and dip it right to the bottom of the jar into the pink solution and dab it over any spots you may have. Leave it on over night and the size of your spots are greatly reduced, use it a few nights in a row and any spots will pretty much be gone. This is much faster then letting them heal naturally and it is not too harsh on the skin unlike a few other spot treatments I’ve tried.

Hair Care – I’m not really that bothered about hair care products, I am bothered about looking after my hair but I’m not particular about using super fancy shampoo and conditioner. So when I was looking in Boots to get just any old shampoo and conditioner to replace the ones I had used up, I came across the Lee Stafford Coco Loco range. I have used Lee Stafford products on and off for a few years and always really liked them so I decided to give this range a try. I bought the coco loco shampoo and conditioner, along with the blow and go hair cream and the coconut spritz. I took them on holiday with me and absolutely fell in love with them! Every aspect of these products are amazing, the smell, the way they make your hair feel and look, they’re just all round amazing! I have since purchased the coconut hair mask, hairspray and a few other products from the range, I use these almost every time I do my hair now.

Make up – I was really loving trying different makeup in 2016, I used to only wear a few products on a daily basis which is totally fine but I have put on weight over the past few years and I felt like I needed to wear a bit more makeup on a daily basis to make myself feel better. So I started adding in concealer, blush and eyeshadow into my daily makeup routine. Don’t get me wrong I don’t feel the need to wear makeup everyday and I at the most wear makeup about 3-4 times a week, I only wear it to uni or if I’m going out. But just those extra few steps to my daily makeup routine makes me feel better and more confident in myself when I am wearing makeup. I have been experimenting a lot with makeup in 2016 and I think my application skills have vastly improved!

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – Before purchasing this foundation I had only ever worn a drugstore foundation and I never felt the need to buy a high end one as my skin had always been clear. But when my skin broke out at the beginning of the year I wanted a foundation that was going to really make my skin look nice even when it wasn’t. This foundation is perfect for what I wanted, I didn’t want a full on mask but just enough coverage to blur out the imperfections. When using drugstore foundations I always had to colour match myself and I could never get it right so I got my skin tone matched at the NARS counter and I feel like this has totally made the difference in the look of foundation on my skin. I apply this with a Real Techniques sponge and the finish is flawless.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer – I never used to wear concealer but as uni has taken its toll on my life I definitely need it now. I apply a little bit of this under my eyes and blend it in with my Real Techniques sponge and it is just gorgeous. It blends out so well and is lifts my whole face.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade – I had been wanting this product for months before I finally purchaced it, I just couldn’t decide on the colour to get. I eventually went with soft brown and it is the perfect match. I bought this in January and have been using it ever since, I feel like it really is worth the hype. I love thick well defined brows and this helps me achieve that look effortlessly. It is super long wearing and has really helped up my eyebrow game.

Soap and Glory DIY Brow Bar – In the middle of the year I was wanting even more defined brows so I started applying the dark brow colour out of this palette over dip brow and it just made my brows look amazing! Towards the end of the year I started just using this on my brows as it is so much quicker on a morning but still gives a very defined look.

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette – I think this has been a lot of peoples favourite in 2016 and its not hard to tell why. This highlighting palette is just stunning, it is so pigmented and gives a major glow to your skin. Supper glowy highlighted faces has been a 2016 trend and this palette really helps you create that look.

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray – This setting spray is the first one I had ever used and it totally changed the way I finish my makeup. I don’t know how I could go back to not using a setting spray, this on in particular just sets your makeup like glue! It gives you a subtle glow and keeps your makeup looking fresh all day.

Misc – Zoella Bath Latte – I have really been loving Zoellas most recent range of products, I love the smell and the packaging just all looks so luxurious and more grown up compared to her first ranges. A favourite of mine is the bath latte which smells gorgeous and a little bit goes a really long way.

Beauty Blender Cleanser – This product is right up their next to the Mario Badescu drying lotion when it comes to my 2016 favourites, this thing has been a life saver! I used to wash my makeup sponges with normal baby shampoo and it just wasn’t doing the job but once I started to use this I just couldn’t believe it! A little bit of this cleans your whole sponge and makes it look brand new! It is truly a miracle product and I would 100% recommend this if you use makeup sponges regularly.

Models Own Polish For Tans Collection – I love bright nail polish colours and the new colours in the Models Own polish for tans collection are perfect in every way! They are quite pastely but still super bright and neon I absolutely love them! My two favourite colours from the collection are pictured above, the orange is ‘beach fire’ and the pink ‘barrier reef’.


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