Pugs wall art / Pink candy floss phone case / Pearl bracelet / Marble mac case / Neon mac case / Pink cushion / Black bracelet / Purple phone caseMarble phone case / Girl wall art

If you haven’t heard about the brand Coconut Lane before, please let me introduce you! Coconut-Lane is a company that sell all sorts of beautiful accessories from phone cases, laptop cases and jewellery, to socks and wall art! All of their designs are gorgeous and on trend, they have so many marble designs in loads of different colours its really difficult to choose which design to purchase, hence why my wish list is so large!

I already have a few Coconut-Lane products, I have a white and gold marble effect phone case, a stunning candy floss pink laptop skin, pictured above and two pieces of wall art. I the quality of Coconut-Lane’s products is great, I have had my laptop skin on for months and it hasn’t started pealing one bit, it still looks as good as new. I have also had my phone case on since I got it and I have accidentally dropped my phone a few times and the case isn’t damaged at all. I have been complemented on my laptop skin loads, it has just updated my old mac book so much I’m in love with it! On my wish list is a phone case in the same design as my laptop skin, I really want this as then my laptop and phone will match. I would love to see Coconut-Lane start to do iPad cases or skins then all three of my devices would match how cool would that be?! They have so many nice product I would highly recommend you check out their website as they have some really cool things coming in soon which I’m so excited about!

If you do like the look of any of these products and want to purchase something don’t forget to use my discount code ‘sophiefoster20’ for 20% off all products at www.coconut-lane.com!


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