I have only bought cruelty free products for years now and I recently had a clear out of my makeup collection to get rid of all the non cruelty free items that were still in there. I didn’t have many as I had got rid of the majority of non cruelty free products years ago but I still had some that I was hanging onto just to use up the last of. Over the summer I just had a massive clear out of everything in my room, downsizing on everything and getting rid of so much junk that I didn’t need or use. I now have a manageable sized makeup collection and every product in there is cruelty free which I feel so good about! I have done a youtube video on my makeup collection which you can watch here. In that video I was still holding onto a few benefit products but I’ve since got rid of them too. Along with everything else I was sorting out I had a good clear out of my makeup brushes, I had so many that I hardly ever used so I’ve given them away or binned the tatty ones. I had a few brushes from MAC that I probably had since I was about 15 which are made of real animal fur, so I gave them away as well to make my makeup brush collection completely cruelty free too!

Spectrum Collections – I used to just like plain black makeup brushes but ever since finding Spectrum Collections I have been obsessed with pastel coloured brushes! I bought some of their brushes at the beginning of this year and they’re such good quality I had to get some more! They’re completely cruelty free and vegan and come in so many different beautiful colours!

Glam Clam – In my collection I have the glam clam which comes with 10 of their most popular makeup brushes in the most incredible shell shaped case. This set is such a good starter set as it comes with a range of face brushes and eye brushes. My favourite brush from this set is the A17 eyebrow brush, I use it everyday to do my brows it’s just the right size and density for excellent precision! I also really like the A05 brush for blush.

4 piece contour set – I also have the 4 piece contour face set and in this set you get 4 brushes specifically shaped for sculpting your face. I think they have changed the brushes you get in this pack as mine look slightly different but they still include the B02 which is my favourite for contouring my cheekbones!

I also have two random spectrum collection brushes which I have got from various ‘The Vegan Kind’ boxes which is a monthly vegan box I am subscribed to. These don’t have brush numbers but I’m sure Spectrum sell similar shaped ones on their website.

Real Techniques – The majority of my makeup brushes are from Spectrum because they’re just so good and so pretty! But I do have some random ones too which are just as nice. Of course I have some Real Techniques brushes, I was obsessed with Real Techniques for a while and they are really amazing brushes, I just prefer the look of Spectrum brushes.

Core collection – I bought this set when Real Techniques first came out and this is where my love for makeup brushes began. I had never had any brushes that were this good, I fell in love with them and recommended them to everyone! My favourite brush from this set was the buffing brush, I used this for years to apply foundation until I met makeup sponges! I also have the powder brush and expert face brush

Starter set – Another Real Techniques set I have is the starter set, these brushes are for eyes and you get a wide variety of shaped brushes. I used the angled brush for ages for my brows but as the years passed I wanted a more precise look and it was just a bit too big for that. It is perfect for the natural look though.

Three more brushes I have are the blush brush, the stippling brush and the setting brush. I still love these brushes even years on I use them daily, I use the setting brush for powder under my eyes and the blush brush for bronzer. I don’t really use the stippling brush any more as I used to use it for foundation but I’ve switched to a makeup sponge for foundation now. Real techniques brushes have lasted me years and years, they’re such good quality.

I have two of the newer Real Techniques brushes from the bold metals collection and I love the style of these so much! I kind of wish all of the Real Techniques brushes were like this as its so modern and they look so good. I have the tapered brush which I use for highlight and the flat contour brush.

Ted Baker – I have some Ted Baker brushes which I have gotten from their Christmas sets that they bring out in boots each year. Last years design were my favourite so far. The brushes are so soft and such a nice design and light pink colour. They also came with a cute makeup brush case which is always handy to have! I also have a set from the year before which are bright pink which I love, I don’t use the hot pink ones much but they’re just too nice to give away.

Random brushes – I also just have some random brushes in my set like two from both of my Urban Decay Naked pallets, a So Eco eyebrow brush which I used for years, a radom fan brush which I don’t know the make of as the name has rubbed off, and a duo fibre stippling brush which I got from another one of my Vegan Kind boxes.

Makeup sponges – I use makeup sponges all of the time now, they’re amazing for foundation and cream products. I use the orange Real Techniques miracle completion sponge for my foundation, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go back to using a brush for foundation now. Sponges just give such a flawless finish I would recommend everyone trying them for foundation! The other sponges are actually just from Forever 21, I got them on holiday in Mexico and I haven’t tried them yet but once my current sponge is worn out I’ll be trying these next.


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