I have always been blessed with good clear skin, I rarely get breakouts and I always had an even skin tone. I didn’t suffer from acne as a teenager so I didn’t ever have a skin care routine, I used to just remove my makeup with a face wipe, washed my face with plain water and I had no problems can you believe it?! My skin changed when I was in my first year of university aged 21 and when my diet went down hill. When my skin plays up I can guarantee it is because I haven’t been eating well. My skin had been really good for weeks before last Christmas and as soon as I came home from uni and started eating rubbish, I developed a lot of spots. So for me I know that I can control the appearance of my skin by upping my intake of water and reducing the amount of rubbish I eat. Not everyones skin is as ‘easily’ controllable as mine, so take my skin care routine with a pinch of salt. My skin type is normal/combination, if your skin is generally normal in type and you only get the odd spot, this routine may work well for you. Along with taking care of my diet I use these products to help with spot healing and keeping my skin hydrated. In this post I share my full current skincare routine, how I remove my makeup, what I do on a morning and evening, and on a weekly basis to take care of my skin.

Morning Skin Care – My morning skin care routine is very simple with just two products. I like to keep my morning skin care as quick as possible so I just wash my face with the Glossier milky jelly cleanser and then tone with the Mario Badescu rose facial spray. I don’t apply any moisturiser on a morning if I’m wearing makeup because no matter what my foundation won’t apply nicely when I have other products on my skin before I apply it. These two products are light for daytime use and are really refreshing to use on a morning.

Makeup Removal – To begin removing my makeup I pour some micellar water onto a makeup wipe and remove my foundation and face products with this wipe. I don’t think I’ll be able to use a makeup wipe without adding micellar water ever again, I just find them too dry without. I am not too specific with what makeup wipes I use but obviously they just have to be cruelty free. I usually switch between the Soap and Glory off your face wipes and Boots No7 beautiful skin wipes. For micellar water I have stuck with the Soap and Glory drama clean micellar water for a while, but I wasn’t really keen on the scent of it. When I ran out of it a few weeks ago I decided to try the Botanics all bright micellar water instead and I really like it so far. When I bought the new micellar water I spotted their eye makeup remover and decided to give that a try too. I would usually remove my eye makeup with the same micellar soaked makeup wipe that I used to remove my face makeup. But since using the Botanics all bright eye makeup remover it has been so much easier to remove mascara without tugging at my eyes and it seems to be much quicker at dissolving product.

Once I’ve got the majority of my makeup off with the wipes and micellar/eye makeup remover I lightly wash my face with the Glossier milky jelly cleanser and work it in fully with my Clarisonic Aria. Removing my makeup just with the wipes does not get it all off completely so I like to use my Clarisonic to make sure my skin is fully clean. I only use my Clarisonic for removing my makeup as if I use it daily it can irritate my skin. The Clarisonic brand isn’t cruelty free but I got it as a Christmas present years ago way before I went cruelty free. It still works well and it was expensive so I don’t intend on replacing it with a cruelty free version until it breaks or when I can afford a different one! If you’re looking for a face brush like the Clarisonic and want a one from a cruelty free company then I would either recommend the Vanity Planet spin brush or the Foreo Luna. Face brushes are great at gently exfoliating and getting deep into the pores to completely remove makeup and dirt from your skin.

Evening Skin Care – On an evening if I’ve wore makeup I’ll remove it first like I’ve explained above. Then I will tone my skin with the Mario Badescu rose facial spray like I do in the morning, then I’ll apply the Pixi rose caviar essence serum for a boost of hydration. After that I will apply a moisturiser, the one I’m currently using is the Pixi rose flash balm as it is quite thick and heavy which is perfect for preventing dry skin in the winter. I like to use a thick moisturiser on an evening in winter as I don’t put moisturiser on in the morning. The heavy nature of the Pixi rose flash balm makes sure it soaks into my skin over night leaving it super soft and refreshed in the morning. Then I will apply the No7 youthful eye serum, I am not too bothered about what eye cream I use as I can never notice if it is working or not but I still like to use it just incase. I got the No7 eye serum as a sample and I’m only using it because it is the only eye cream I have at the moment. No7 products wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice but it’s ok for now. If you have any cruelty free eye cream recommendations please let me know! Lastly if I have any breakouts I will apply the Mario Badescu drying lotion. I absolutely love this product, I tell everyone about it if they’re struggling with spots. For me it literally reduces the appearance of spots overnight and they almost are healed within two days of applying it. You dip a cotton bud into the pink solution and apply it directly to your breakouts. I have used this for about two years and it is the best spot treatment I’ve ever tried, I’d highly recommend it.

Weekly Skin Care – On a weekly basis I will exfoliate my skin to get rid of any dry patches and to help with the fading of scars. If I do get a breakout, once its healed I will be left with a red mark and it will take quite a while for that to go away. I like to exfoliate my skin to help speed up the process of getting those marks gone. I will exfoliate with one of two products depending on how my skin is looking, either the Lush ocean salt or The Body Shop drops of light liquid peel. I only use the Lush ocean salt exfoliator once a week as it can be quite harsh for my skin type, I would use The Body Shop drops of light at the most three times a week, again depending on how my skin is looking. These two exfoliators are completely different, the Lush one is a physical exfoliator with grains of salt in to buff away dead and dry skin whereas The Body Shop one is a chemical exfoliator. It is a smooth gel which peels off dead skin when you rub it in. Both of these products leave my skin feeling squeaky clean, refreshed and completely free of dead skin.

Almost every time I use an exfoliator I will apply a face mask, my all time favourite is the Lush rosy cheeks face mask. You may notice a theme to my skin care routine, it is very rosy, a lot of the products I use have rose in them as I really like the rose scent and it is great for maintaining the pH balance of your skin and controlling excess oil production. After I’ve used a face mask I will use two products that I don’t use daily, but I make sure I use them at least once a week. I have used the Indeed Labs hydraluron serum for years and sworn by it ever since. It is a serum that’s highly concentrated in hydrochloric acid and holds 1000 times its weight in water making it an super moisturising product. I like to use this after a face mask as it helps lock in all the goodness that the mask has given my skin. I also use the Indeed Labs vitamin c24 creme after it, this is a vitamin C cream which tingles when you apply it to your skin because the concentration of vitamin C is so high. Vitamin C protects the skin from the effects of ageing and is necessary for collagen production and maintenance in your skin.

That is my current cruelty free skin care routine and I am loving it so far. I really feel like the constant use of these products has helped my skin get back on track and looking almost as good as it did when I was a teenager!



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    I love Lush’s other rose products – the angels on bare skin and full of grace – and this was another recommendation by the girl who recommended those. I had forgotten about it until i read this, so will definitely add it to my wishlist!

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